Bondi Band Ambassador

I’m excited to share that I am officially a Bondi Band Ambassador!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to represent a company that sells products I truly believe are wonderful and work!

Love my Bondi Band when running on a hot day!

What is Bondi Band?

  • Bondi Band is a company that has created athletic headbands, wicking hats, sweat towels, armbands, and wristbands… just to name a few things.  Their headbands and other items are comfortable, fashionable, and fits almost every head size!

How I first discovered Bondi Band:

  • I was looking for a solution to help prevent sweat from getting in my eyes during a run.  On my last long run before my second marathon, I struggled the entire time with sweat getting in my eyes… and it stung!  I noticed that the weather for the marathon looked pretty warm so I knew I needed SOMETHING to stop that sweat from getting into my eyes.  I ordered a Bondi Band headband and immediately fell in love.

Why I love Bondi Band:

  • Keeps sweat from getting in my eyes and hair out of my face
  • The headbands stay on!
  • The material is light and is stretchy
  • You can design your own
  • Wristbands and Armbands hold gels, keys, cash, etc (convenient for long runs!)
  • Bondi Band also makes wicking sweat towels, great for using at the gym

Where can you find Bondi Band:


  • Use the coupon code Mile28 when checking out and receive 10% off your next Bondi Band purchase


  • Do YOU own a Bondi Band?
  • Have you worn a headband while running before?

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