“Free Air Conditioning”

A couple weeks ago…maybe a month ago, I decided I would start doing more of my runs in the morning.  I say a couple of weeks or a month, not remembering which exactly because it’s SO early when I get out there!  In order to get in a run and get ready for work, I have been waking up around 5:02 A.M.  (I have a thing with even numbers and setting me alarm at random times).  Anyway, I know that is not early to some, but for me, it’s EARLY!  I admire anyone who gets up this early or earlier…it’s not easy.

I found on these early morning runs I was doing more of a shuffle than actual running when I first started out.  On a side note- I live on a pretty big hill, so you would think this might help get me moving, but no.  I decided that shuffling my way through some miles was not benefitting me at all.  It was just tiring me out and making me get hungry earlier.

With the warm weather approaching I decided that I should give these morning runs a better shot.  I don’t run well in the afternoon heat-I sweat a lot and lose a lot of salt…that’s a whole other blog post 🙂  When I have been slightly awake on these early runs, I have found the traffic and the locals are much friendlier in the morning than during the after work hours (3:30-6:00ish).  It’s such a peaceful time to be out running around town.

I couldn’t believe what I was thinking…I actually like running in the morning?  Changes needed to be made…

I started by trying many ways to get myself to wake-up earlier:  tea, caffeine pills, push-ups, stretching, etc  I told myself that these things helped me run faster in the morning.  Did they?  I can’t say for sure although, I DID start running a faster pace…and it was in the 8 minute per mile range.  This never happened before during my shuffles.  I gradually decided to work on just waking up and going for the run, no caffeine involved.  I was able to run in the 8 minute range again…and it was the low 8 minute per mile range this time.  Sometimes I even got into the 7 minute per mile range too!  I realize this isn’t that fast for some of you speedies out there, but this was a huge improvement from my morning shuffles.  Again, I admire those who can wake-up early AND run a nice pace.  I’ve also kept in mind that it’s okay to take some runs easy and not worry about pace (maybe more than a shuffle though)…which I plan to keep doing as well.

I wanted to continue with my “productive morning runs” and decided  to try the ultimate motivator to run faster in the morning… I asked my super fast husband to run with me.  He slowed down his pace a bit and joined for me a morning run.  My first comment to him on our run was, “Doesn’t it feel like free air conditioning outside when you run in the morning?”  I was referring to how much cooler it was in the morning verses the afternoon.  Brendan is very familiar with my random comments like that one and simply agreed that, “yes, running in the morning is like having free air conditioning”.

This “free air conditioning” has been my new motivator during my morning runs.  It might be early, but I think to myself how HOT it will be in the afternoon!  I ran alone yesterday and was able to get in some marathon goal pace miles-a new first for my morning runs.  I was really proud of myself and learned that it doesn’t matter that it is early, I can still get in a good run for the day I just have to give myself a little time to wake-up, believe I can do it, and keep practicing at it!…and maybe go to bed a little earlier 🙂

Although, truthfully, these picture of my pups Bailey and September, show what I would rather be doing on most mornings…

  • Do you run in the morning?
  • What helps you wake-up for an early morning workout?

2 thoughts on ““Free Air Conditioning”

  1. I usually run in the morning because it’s the only time that doesn’t interfere with my husband or daughter. I consider myself a “morning person” but I don’t like getting up super early and I had to make myself enjoy running really early. Now I appreciate the serenity, the cooler temps, and having the workout done before the world wakes. 🙂
    I really don’t have any tricks to help me wake up. Sometimes I drink coffee before, sometimes, I start REALLY slow and eventually get into a rhythm. I also find getting enough sleep at night helps me wake up on the run easier.

  2. Its weird I don’t mind getting up really early on Saturdays for my long runs because its so peacful, i love the spider webs that glisen in the morning dew, and that for at least an hour its just me out there. I also receive this sense of pride when i’m on my porch stretching enjoying my chocolate milk and see people just rolling out of bed. I smile and inside my head i’m screaming look at you lazy bones, I ran 10 miles already today, what have you done. Then I limp to the shower. 🙂 During the week if i am going to the gym to run and strength train it helps me to have my gym bag, breakfast and lunch packed and ready to go, the idea of unpacking my breakfast guilts me to get moving. I also schedule my bedside alarm and my phone alarm to go off 10 minutes after each other.
    I like the free air conditioning and I’m going to use that, this morning it was like running in soup but i can only imagine what it would be like later this afternoon.

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