“Sole” Mates

Had some fun over the weekend taking pictures of my favorite boys.  Thought I would share since they are all so darn cute!

Brendan and September, two of the fastest boys I know!

September is our retired greyhound.  He takes his retirement VERY seriously!…spending most of his days sleeping.  He raced on the track in Wheeling, West Virginia for 3 years and took first place 25 times and was in the top three 61 times.  No wonder he’s always so sleepy, right?  I need to write a post all about our sweet September soon!

What a handsome boy!

My Bailey man! He’s fast too (when you throw his favorite toy for him).

“Sole” Mates

This is the shirt I wore today that my husband bought for me.  We both run, so it’s very appropriate!  It made me think how we both love running, but so do our sweet puppies…in their own ways 🙂

Do you have a pets that you absolutely love?

Do you own any shirts that are special to you? (that may have to do with your sport or not)


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