It’s the 28th & My Love for Even Numbers!

I mentioned before HERE about my love for even numbers.  I don’t know why this ever came about, it just did a LONG time ago.  I like my alarm to be set on an even time, I get out of bed on an even time, I like the TV volume to be set on an even number, etc…

I especially like even numbers when it comes to running with my Garmin.  It almost has become a habit that I don’t even think about…I make sure all of my workouts end on an even number.  In particular, I like it to be the miles plus: .02, .08, .28, or .58.  I look back through my running log and all of my running workouts look something like this: 5.28, 6.08, 8.28, etc.  It’s quirky, I know!  A lot of people remind me of that all of the time! 🙂

You can imagine the struggle I went through to pick a wedding date.  We got engaged in December 2010.  So the options were to have an odd number in our date the following year, 2011 or have to wait over a year to get 2012.  We went with 2011, but were able to luck out with the rest of the numbers being even.  Phew! Luckily Brendan loves my quirks, so he doesn’t mind my number obsession.

Our “Save the Dates”

Oddly enough, my absolute favorite number is 27.  I was born on the 27th, I guess that is why.  This is one of the few exceptions when it comes to odd numbers.  The other exception would be my favorite race distance, which is the half marathon, 13.1 miles.  Who would have guessed that?  Although my PR for that distance is 1:34, so once again, I’m able to get that even number in there!

The Red Baron Half Marathon

So today is the 06/28/12 (ALL even numbers) and while out to lunch with a good friend, we both decided lots of good things happen on this date.  Lunch together, of course being a one good thing!

Also, for me

  • because it’s the 28th!  I love this number because we got married on the 28th (10 month wedding anniversary today)
  •  Marriage date-the reason behind the blog name miletwentyeight!

For my friend

  • she got hired for a job she loves on this very date years ago

And we both

  • have a friend who has a birthday today.  Happy birthday DA and Amy!

Happy 28th!

Do you have quirks?

…or favorite numbers?


5 thoughts on “It’s the 28th & My Love for Even Numbers!

  1. I like the 28th cause today’s my birthday and I turn 30!! Excited to be out of my 20’s and on to big things and big dreams:) but 24 and 42 were
    my basketball numbers in high school
    And AAU so I’m partial to those:)

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