Random Thoughts While Running

When you are out running, do you ever find yourself thinking of the most random things?  If you were me, the answer would be “YES, all of the time!”

  • One thought was about my decision to try running with music today.  FYI:  I usually don’t listen to music while running.  Although, lately, I have found that if I run anytime other than really early in the morning, people around town can’t help but make comments.  Whether these comments be good, bad, indifferent, etc.  They just cannot help themselves.  Being that I am on vacation this week, I was not running in the really early morning…more like 10:00.  With the headphones I didn’t have to hear any of it.  It was perfect.
  • Glad I wore sunglasses, it’s bright out here!
  • Then I decided that I wanted to make a sign to wear that says something similar to this, “I’m running in my sports bra because it’s HOT (temperature), not because I think I’m hot.  I really don’t.  In fact, I am so self-conscious when it comes to anything about myself.  I actually did have a shirt on until I realized it was close to 80 degrees when I was about to start (yes, I waited too long to head out for my run).  I also thought about something my good friend Ericka said the other day.  She said that if you wear a shirt when it’s hot, it’s just another piece of clothing that gets sweaty and you have to wash.  Good point, right?  The shirt came off.
  • About midway through my run I came across some cyclists from Canada that were stopped at the same intersection as me.  They asked how far I was going in this heat and I said probably just 5 or 6 miles (ended up being 5.28 miles).  One guy made a joke about strong miles versus silly kilometers.  hah, thanks Canada!  On I went.
  • That cake last night was so good…thanks Linda!
  • As I was continuing along, I thought about how lucky we are to have a bike path to run on here in the town.  Right then it struck me, why do they call it the bike path?  Runners like using it too!  Can’t we find a name for it that suits both bikers and runners?  It also could use a drinking fountain!…Sorry that turned into a little rant.  I should become a higher up in this city and install drinking fountains and running paths all over the place!  That would be a dream!
  • I’m SO thirsty!
  • Nearing the end of my run I ran by a bank thermometer, which I know aren’t always the most accurate, but it said 91 degrees.  I wanted to find a pool to jump into immediately.  Instead I opted for an ice bath when I got home.  Have I mentioned my love for ice baths?  It’s weird.  I could go on and on about ice baths…

Do you have random thoughts or really good ideas during your runs?


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While Running

  1. Random thought while I was trying to find motivation to complete an early stage of C25K this am in Va heat…why does the woman pushing a triple jogging stroller (with 3 kids) up a steep hill make it look sooooo easy! 😛

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