US Road Runner of the Month!

I am SO excited to share that I won US Road Runner of the Month for June.

Click HERE to see how the program works.  There are lots of ways to earn points, but my favorite part is that you can earn points by signing others up through this website for the virtual 5k.  This is SUCH a great way to promote running.  You can participate in the virtual race by using any 5k time, whether it be from a race you ran that month or just a 5k run you did on your own that month (timing and clocking distance, of course).  The award categories include overall winners and age group winners.  Registration for the JULY 2012 ROM 5k is now open!

The medal I won in the May ROM (Runner of the Month) 5k

Other ways to earn points in the Runner of the Month Program include logging in each day, taking a poll, going for a run, and clicking the “GO RUN button,” and sometimes by thanking the sponsors of the Runner of the Month Program.  These sponsors are great by the way.  One of my favorites being Bondi Band, of course.  I first heard about Bondi Band through US Road Running.  I LOVE their products…can’t say that enough!  Joe Muldowney donates his book, “Running Shorts: A Collection Of Stories And Advice For Anyone Who Has Ever Laced Up A Pair Of Running Shoes.”  My husband and I actually met Joe and have seen him at some races we have run in PA.  He is such a nice guy and a very talented runner.  I bought the book and I highly recommend it to others!  Here is a link to his facebook promoting his book.  Another great sponsor is Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna Co. who kindly donated Hershey Park tickets to the Runner of the Month Program!

June Runner of the Month WIN!

 I hope to share the word about this Program and get a lot of others to either sign up for the July ROM 5k or to sign up for the Runner of the Month Program.  Both are great ways to promote running and learn about others out there who are running.

US Road Running also hosts the Movie Madness Half Marathon Series.  My husband and I participated in one of the half marathon events and really enjoyed ourselves.  Runners can dress up as movie characters and win prizes.   The water stops are based on a variety of movie themes and runners can vote for their favorite.  To learn more about the next Movie Madness Half Marathon Event on September 22, 2012 CLICK HERE

Brendan breaking the tape and stepping onto the “red carpet” for the win!

The medals from the race were really nice!

You can follow US Road Running:




Twitter:  @USRoadRunning



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