“Find Your Strong”…even if it is a few months late

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Saucony Find Your Strong Event in Boston the weekend of the Boston Marathon.  I didn’t run the Boston Marathon (although I WILL be back to run it).   This Saucony Event was the MOST fun I had the entire weekend.  I loved every second of being there.  Talk about being around some of the most inspiring people!

Check out some of the pictures I was able to get 🙂

SWEET bags

Preview of the Kinvara 3. I wanted to buy ALL of them!

The bracelets given out at the event

Some might wonder why 3 months later, I decided blog about it.   Well here’s why…

Last week Dorothy, from http://www.mile-posts.com/ sent me a picture from the Saucony event.  I was suddenly reminded of how much FUN I had and how many inspiring people I met.  Everyone can use more inspiration, right?

Not the greatest picture of me, but here it is!  So nice of her to think of me and send it my way!  Saucony asked us to stand next to “our strong.”  I chose my husband, naturally 🙂

Here is the picture I took while the Saucony crew made Brendan find “my wife” as his strong. haha, I LOVE Saucony!

Dorothy was also at the event and I was lucky enough to meet her in person.  For anyone who has not yet met her, she is just as awesome and nice as she is on her blog!  There were a lot of red lights in case you are wondering why it looks like I have a Rudolph nose and red bangs.

There were so many inspiring people speaking at this event.  I have about 527038 pictures because I loved it so much.  I won’t force them ALL on you.  Just a few…


If you like Giants football or triathlons, you might know these people.  Mark Herzlich and Karen Smyers BOTH had amazing stories to tell about how they found their strong.  Mark and Karen both fought cancer.  Karen also had many freak accidents happen to her throughout her career.  I’m not a huge Giants fan and I haven’t participated in a triathlon in a few years, but I am a TOTAL fan of these people.  They truly shared some of the most inspiring stories.  Of course, this meant I HAD to meet them afterwards.  I did. 🙂

Bill Rogers was so funny.  Brendan and I met him afterwards and we really should have planned for a time to meet with him the next day for a run.  He was GREAT!  In the next picture you can see Dorothy up on the screen.  Dorothy is definitely included as one of these inspiring people for me.  I’m so glad we went to the Saucony Find Your Strong Event.

Thanks again Dorothy for sending the picture and for continuing to inspire me!

  •  Who inspires you? 

2 thoughts on ““Find Your Strong”…even if it is a few months late

  1. My family inspires me! My parents who are both super active in their 50s, my siblings who are amazing runners, even my own workouts inspire me to keep pushing harder. I’m most inspired by people I know personally I suppose!

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