The Long Sweat

Sundays mean two things around here:  long runs and church.  My husband and I like doing our long run on Sundays to get us in the habit of running a long distance on the same day of the week that our marathon will be on.  During the winter, we waited until after church, in hopes of the temperatures warming up a bit (anything above 30 degrees was a bonus!)  Nowadays we run before church in hopes of beating the heat (anything below 60 would be nice!)  I always try to get as much sleep as possible on the weekend.  I’ve quickly learned that sleeping in a little plus long runs when you are trying to beat the heat are not the best combo.

I think I’ve decided that the reason I fall apart is because I’m dehydrated.  When I run, I sweat a lot.  Others take notice of this too!  One time, while staying at Brendan’s grandma’s house in Florida, when we got back from a run, his grandma said, “boy Jenelle, you sweat a lot more than Brendan does.”  True statement, I do.

I love hydrating before my run with Drink Chia! (as I have mentioned before).  The last couple of weekends my long runs have started somewhere between a 7:50 mile and a 8:30 mile and held steady for around 5-6 miles.  I KNOW this is not that fast for many of you speedies.  However, my marathon goal is around 3:30 (7:50-8:00 minute pace), so being in the range that I have started out in is ideal for now.  On second thought, maybe I need to start out a little slower and work my way to a faster pace.  I also don’t want to get injured!  After this first part of my run, my pace slows down and I slip into the 9 minute range and it drives me crazy!  My effort always feels just has hard, but I’m not going as fast.  So begins the love/hate relationship with my Garmin, right?  Or maybe it’s a love/hate relationship with the weather.  By the half way point in my run, the sun is out and the temperatures are getting into the 80’s or higher.

Sweaty me after a track workout. The excellent treats helped me cool down that day!

I have run with water bottles on my waist and have trouble with it bouncing too much.  I did tighten it and place it higher up and this usually made me stomach hurt.

I have run with a small handheld…and you can see what Bailey thought of the top of it.

I have also tried a bigger version (below).  This was a little heavy to carry when it was full.  Today I dropped it off in a park and did loops so I could stop and get drinks from it.  In my opinion I thought I drank a lot.  My stomach even felt full at one point.  When I got home, I weighed myself and I had lost 5 lbs on a 10 mile run!

I have not been good about taking these lately, but I have also tried Salt Sticks.  From what I remember of last summer, I think they did help some with the dehydrated feeling and I may have to be better about taking them.

I would love to hear what others do for hydration while out running in the heat.

  • What works and what doesn’t work for you?  I’m not a treadmill person at all, so running inside in air conditioning is one option I would say no to.

Speaking of hydration…Don’t forget, the Drink Chia Giveaway is still going on!  Check out THE POST and get entered!


2 thoughts on “The Long Sweat

  1. Ok as you know I have been suffering from this as well. Friday night I made gatoraid and filled up 4 8oz bottles for my fuel belt and put them in the fridge. I placed my clothes out, belt, socks, shoes, had my ipod charged with a new mix from rock my run, and even had my route and garmin ready. I wanted to be able to spring out of bed at 5:30 and be ready to run 9 miles. I made sure to drink plenty of water on Friday because I have been told hydration actually starts the day before your run, and made sure I went to bed early. I didn’t spring out of bed, I ended up hitting snooze until 7:00am and it was already 86 degrees out. I ended up running on the treadmill but felt like a failure. I have to say I don’t want to be in the gym but i didn’t have another option. Also I miss my camelbak, i used it for two marathon training seasons and it was the best for me. I tried on two at Dicks yesterday but didn’t find one I liked as much as my old one. I know some people go out the night before and place gu and water on their woute but that’s too much effort. I just want to run. had a nice article on hydration tips last week if you want to check it out. Good luck!!

  2. I like to wear a fuel belt for longer runs because that’s what I tend to use in half marathons. I have the same two handhelds and I use those for shorter runs. If you don’t mind having something on you then a fuelbelt or camelbak might work out. It is nice to be able to run a shorter track and just grab the water bottle when you need it. Good luck finding what works for you!

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