26.2 Strongs

The idea for this post came to me while I was out running the other day…

I was running up the huge hill I live on.

[I’ve tried to take a picture of it and it does not do it justice]

Anyway, while running up the hill, I thought “this hill is making me a stronger runner.”  Then I thought, of 25.2 more things.  Yes, 26.2 things in total (marathon distance) that make me a strong runner.  I started listing them to keep myself motivated to train for this marathon.  I am such a random thinker, so these 26.2 things are not listed in any particular order.

26.2 Strongs

1.  Running up the hill I live on without stopping

2.  Running that little extra bit once I’m up the hill to further prove I am strong

3.  Doing my (minimum of) 25 push-ups everyday.  Goal: 8000 for the year!

4.  My husband (my BIGGEST strong!)

5.  My dogs (& loves), Bailey and September

6.  Being around inspiring friends

7.  Clif Z-bars (I LOVE them everyday!)

8.  Running in the HEAT!

9.  Running in the COLD!

10.  Running in the rain

[I rarely ever miss a run because of weather, so I guess I could add all of the other crazy conditions I have run in, but that would take up the rest of the list]

11.  This bible verse:  “Be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded”. Chronicles 15:7

12.  Grape flavored Propel

13.1 (half way there!)  Completing a tough/long workout

14.  Running at 5:30 AM

15.  Keeping the ultimate goal on my mind right now, the marathon and improving my time!

16.  My family

17.  Believing in myself

18.  Running against the wind, ooo, I do not like the wind!

19.  Seeing others prove they are STRONG!

Watching the Olympic Trials

20.  Consistency

21.  Having a mantra

22.  Motivating others to do their best

23.  Past experiences-good or bad

24.  Proving to myself that I can do it

25.  Doing my core routine-it’s a good one.  I might need to share!

26.  Recovery drink (more on this later!)

.2.  Grasshopper pie ice cream:  my most favorite flavor of ice cream right now

I would LOVE to hear your strong(s)!  What keeps you motivated?


5 thoughts on “26.2 Strongs

  1. My friends, my running partner, and even the blog world keep me motivated. Reading about all these other amazing people keeps me on track.
    I love grasshopper ice cream so I am sure grasshopper pie would be to die for!

  2. I’m waiting for that core routine. I need something written down for me to follow. I always slack in the non-running activities…

  3. I love running in the rain too – and grasshopper pie? Sounds delicious.

    What keeps me strong is knowing I’ll get to look back and say ‘I did that’ – nothing beats it. Also, chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

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