Running & Adventures

Brendan and I LOVE going on “traveling adventures.” We especially like it when we can incorporate running into the trip.  We were heading to New Jersey for a wedding…and hopefully a run!  The weekend plan started with an early morning run before getting on the road.   We ran together at 5:30 AM and it wasn’t 97 degrees out yet, perfect run!

Then we left for our trip.  The wedding was beautiful!

Most adorable couple!

Lehigh reunion!

The cake was DELICIOUS!

Oh, and before I forget, our friend Steve (blue shirt in the picture above) was at the wedding.  If you are a triathlete, you should definitely check out his blog.  Find it HERE

Our plan was to run on the Tow Path in New Jersey the day after the wedding.  Unfortunately, when we woke up, there was an excessive heat warning and it felt like it!  Since we still had a 4+ hour drive home and wouldn’t have access to a shower after the run, we decided to save our run for home.  Maybe next time, New Jersey!

Since we missed out on our running plan, we decided to walk around the Princeton area for a little while.  It only made sense to make a stop at the local running store.

My mom said I shouldn’t tell people when I haven’t showered, but FYI, I’m not showered in the picture 🙂

If you are ever in Princeton, New Jersey, I definitely recommend visiting the Princeton Running Company.  Great running store and everyone there was so nice!

I wish I had fun stories and pictures to share from the Tow Path run.  Since I don’t, the next best option is reading about what the Tow Path is!  I found this BLOG POST about it and thought it explained it nicely!  If you are ever in New Jersey and need a good place to run, make sure to check out the Tow Path!

  • Do you have any great running spots to recommend for traveling runners?


4 thoughts on “Running & Adventures

  1. If you are ever looking into really exploring the entirety of the D&R Tow Path in NJ I suggest running the “Train”ing run held every year by Raritan Valley Road Runners ( Very unique event bringing all sorts of runners from around the world together.

  2. Remember there is always a next time! It is not fun to go for a run and then sit in the car for a long ride home! I have done it and it made the drive home so uncomfortable.

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