Running & Riding

On Saturday, we headed out for another run/bike.  I was riding along with Brendan as his long run for the week…20 miles!  To be fair, I did my long run on Friday, 16 miles.  I’m happy to report that my long run was probably one of the best long runs I have had in a long time.  My body does not enjoy 90 degrees and humid.  Friday was much cooler and overcast…my ideal running conditions!  Anyone else?  I felt strong and my pace was consistent.  Anyway, riding my bike next to him was a good recovery workout on Saturday.

Taking a little break for water

We rode/ran along the Wineglass Marathon route.  What better way to practice for the marathon, right?  From my perspective on the bike, Brendan made running this course look easy, so he has me all pumped for the race in September!

We shared stories from running this marathon last Fall.  While running/riding by one particular section of the course, I told Brendan about how I remembered awesome race volunteers last year standing in the pouring rain holding soggy pretzels sticks while the marathoners ran by.  Anything to keep those running going!  It also made me really want a pretzel stick right then.

As we continued, Brendan and I realized that cyclists can carry SO much stuff compared to runners.  I had all sorts of water and energy chews for us.  I also had my phone, which meant I could stop and answer some calls along the route.  This is why I got a little behind Brendan.  Okay, that, and I got to stop and pet cute dogs that tried to chase us.  When catching up with him, I got this picture.

I just LOVE this picture!

20 miles is a long way to run on a warm day.  Good to see Brendan does a nice job hydrating while he is out running!  I do a nice job of taking his picture while he’s hydrating 🙂

Speaking of hydrating…

don’t forget to check out THIS POST about my review AND giveaway of Zipfizz.

Zipfizz tubes and water bottle

Random:  This is my 23rd post…published on the 23rd!

  • Do you help others with their workouts?  How so?
  • What are your favorite energy drinks/chews/gels to use during a long run or bike ride?

3 thoughts on “Running & Riding

  1. Great job on your 16 miles AND on helping Brendan with his 20! I am helping a group of women train for their first half marathon…very rewarding helping them! On a long run I use GU Vanilla Bean gels and some type of sports drink.

  2. You guys rock! Jenelle, your blog is so motivating to me, especially on super hot days like today when I need a little extra kick to get running! Thank you for that!!!!

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