Is That a Super Dog?

Did you know that we have a super dog?  Well super dog(S) if you ask me!

Getting ready for run #2 of the day

Quick side story:  While walking our dogs the other night, our 2 year old neighbor asked us if September(our greyhound) is a super dog.  I quickly responded with, “yes, he IS a super dog!”  You can see proof of his “super-ness” on his greyhound racing webpage HERE.  As you can see in the photo above, Super Dog was the only one ready for the picture before tonight’s run.  You may also note that I have to french braid my hair to keep it from moving during my runs.  I cannot stand it when my hair bounces or swings while I’m running.  If anyone has recommendations there, let me know!

Anyway, Brendan took me out for our weekly attempt at marathon-paced miles (8:00 per mile pace).  I did a nice easy 5 miler this morning, so my legs felt ready to go. The goal was to definitely stay between 7:30 and 8:00 pace.  We have had a bad habit of starting out too fast and turning them into race pace miles.

Mile 1:  7:35

Mile 2:  7:46

*Someone yelled hello  at us at some point during the second mile, I blame the slower time on that distraction 🙂

Mile 3:  7:27

Goal met.  The pace felt comfortable for the 3 miles we did.  Now keeping it for 26.2 miles…that still seems like a challenge.  The Super Dogs were proud of the results from tonight’s run, so we had some mango to celebrate.

Does anyone else think mango tastes like pine trees?  I have Brendan convinced that it does.

I love our Super Dog!

  • Do you have any super pets?


3 thoughts on “Is That a Super Dog?

  1. I think it was Tim who said hello to you 🙂 He was playing ultamite at Denison Park and saw you two looking super speedy!

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