Trigger Point

I wanted to share a product that I can’t live without right now.  I have been using the Trigger Point Massage Ball to help with a tightness in my hip flexor area.  I tried Active Release Therapy (ART) for this tightness prior to my Spring marathon, but found it expensive and pretty painful.  I also had to drive an hour, BOO!  The Active Release Therapist said it was my gluteus minimus that was tight.  I’ve learned over time that there are a lot of tendons and such that attach in the hip area, so the tight feeling could be caused by a variety of reasons.  Either way, I have found using the Trigger Point massage ball has worked the best.  It can get into a small area and really hit those tough to reach spots that a foam roller often can’t get.    

Trigger Point Massage Ball

The Trigger Point provides more information about HERE

Don’t get me wrong though, I still love my foam roller!  Although the foam roller doesn’t work for my hip flexor tightness, it does help a lot with sore quads and tight calves.  I think this foam roller is better than the regular foam rollers because it has an inner tube that keeps the roller from compressing when you roll on it.  Brendan and I both use this roller and love it!

Trigger Point Foam Roller and Massage Ball

Trying to demonstrate how I use the massage ball in my hip area

Trigger Point offers a lot of other great products beyond the ones that I have mentioned.  A few others that I own are the Baller Block and the Foot Baller.  The Baller Block elevates your foot/lower leg and helps relax the leg.  The Foot Baller massages the lower calf and soleus regions.  I LOVE these!

The Trigger Point Baller Block and Footballer

Ah, feels good!

  • Have you tried any Trigger Point products?
  • Which ones do you love?

3 thoughts on “Trigger Point

  1. I LOVE Trigger Point! I do it daily! I have the full kit…all of the ones you mentioned plus the quadballer. I strongly believe trigger point is what helped keep me injury free during marathon training! Keep rolling!!!

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