I’ve run 18 miles or longer before, but for some reason it still feels GOOD to be able to say I ran 18 miles today!  I ran a really  successful 16 miles last Friday, so I was nervous about today’s run not going as well.  Last Friday was much cooler and overcast the whole time.  Gloomy, cooler-temp days are perfect for long runs!

It was pretty humid starting out this morning.  The minute I stopped outside the sun was in full force, of course, right?  Not what I wanted.  I decided I would park my car somewhere on my route and leave water and million other long-run necessities in it so I could easily access them during my run.  I ended up running three or four “creative” loops around town.  Each loop gave me a chance to stop and get some really cold water at my car.  I’ve also been trying out Honey Stinger Energy Chews.  The Fruit Smoothie flavor is so tasty!  My stomach is VERY sensitive, so I want to play around with different fuel options on my runs before race day.  These seem to work okay so far.  Any other suggestions are welcome!

Honey Stinger Fruit Smoothie-YUM!

While beginning my second loop, it starting getting cloudy and eventually starting drizzling.  It was SO perfect.  The light spray was a dream come true.  This made the second loop much more enjoyable than the first.

Nothing real exciting happened until my last loop.  I had this really strong feeling come over me and was able to pick up the pace a little.  After a while, I looked at my Garmin and saw that I had about 2.5 miles left.  Oddly enough, the other day my sister told me that she had completed her first 2.5 mile run without stopping.  I thought, there it is, I can’t stop or quit.  I have to finish this!  I never doubted that I could run all 18 miles, but my legs were feeling pretty tired at this point.  My lower back hurt also hurt…but I couldn’t stop now!  I also ran by a friend’s house for motivation.  She would disappointed to see me limping in pain back to my car.  (Thanks DA, even though you weren’t home!)

Below is a picture with my motivating friends-one being DA (the house I ran by)  As you can see, she holds me up  in pictures when I’m apparently tipping over after a track workout.

Hanging out with the most motivating runner friends one could ask for!

18 miles, I made it!  I always want to tell any random person that would listen to me about the long run I had completed.  Since I couldn’t find anyone, I decided I would share it with everyone on here.

Recovery time.  I heard this somewhere and I really need to figure out where, because it’s some of the best advice ever.  After a long run: Chill. Chug. Chew.  This lovely spread was waiting for me at home.  That is a protein recovery drink in the water bottle.  There was more to this spread, but it was gone before the picture was taken.  I also enjoyed a 10 minute ice bath!

Recovery time

Now I’m ready to watch the Olympics!

  • Do you use energy chews or drinks during a long run?  What is your favorite?
  • Do you experience a sensitive stomach issues during long runs?
  • How far have you run?  Share it and be proud!


7 thoughts on “18

  1. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I saw you walking I would be worried thinking that something was horribly wrong with you, I’ve never seen you walk during a run, ever. I understand and also use this trick for motivation because I always run harder when I’m by your house or other runner friends, I don’t want anyone to see me walk, it makes me feel less to be caught walking. I’m a runner not a jogger. 🙂 I even remember Scott saying he won’t break pace going up the hill incase Glover is outside or looking out the window.

    In the picture I wasn’t holding you up I thought you were trying to take up more space so I didn’t look so amazon like.

    Since I’m a slower runner I end up taking a lot of performance recovery supplements and I’m still trying to work on the correct balance. The best combination I figured out so far for 18 + miles is 2 GU with Caffeine(tri Berry and Chocolate Outrage) and 1 no caffeine GU and one sandwich baggie full of salt and vinegar chips. This is after lots of trial and error; it’s why I judge a good run location on how many gas stations I can pass. 🙂 People are grossed out by the salt and vinegar chips but at mile 20 of a marathon they are the best thing, I’ve converted a few people out on the race course. I just can’t use a salt tablet so this is how I get the much needed sodium back. I also cannot use anything with too much caffeine in it; I found the Gatorade jelly beans gave me side stiches because the chewing action caused bubbles in my belly. I tried cutting up fig newtons but they got squished and I didn’t like that, I tried Cliff bars but other than under my hat I had no place else to carry them. I’m just not one of those runners who will go out the night before and stash their gear for a morning run. I just want to run. 🙂

  2. Great job, Jenelle! You are so inspiring and I may have to try some honey stinger chews! My longest (true) run is 18 miles, but I did a brick at the end of May that was a 14 mile run, 15 mile bike, 7 mile run – one right after the other, so a 21 mile run in total!

    I love to run loops, so I typically stash a water bottle with H.E.E.D. on my loop and grab in for a few ounces every 2 miles. Sometimes it causes a little tummy trouble though. EEK. I think I like energy drinks best because it’s hydration AND nutrition in one shot.

    Also, we miss you too, Steve!

  3. Nice run!
    I use Hammer gels and endurolytes. I mix them in my water bottle. I use these mainly because they have no simple sugars. And they don’t upset my stomach.
    My longest run ever was 50 miles. I ate a lot after that one!!!

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