Sanctuary Adventures

I guess I should post this before it becomes old news!

Last weekend, Brendan and I had the best idea ever!  With our long runs in the bag before Sunday we had lots of weekend time to spare.   When does that ever happen?  We decided to make a trip to The Farm Sanctuary.

A little background…last August, in lieu of favors at our wedding, we had our guests choose from four charities that would donate to in their name.  One of the charities was The Farm Sanctuary.  I was SO excited to be taking our donation to such a great place!

If you have never been, you NEED to go.  Visiting the Farm Sanctuary for the first time is definitely in my top ten “Eye Opening Experiences.”  This was our second trip there and I’m already anxious to go back again!

The Farm Sanctuary works to rescue, protect, and advocate for farm animals.  There are shelters in Watkins Glen, Orland, California, and Acton, California.  They each provide lifelong care for hundreds of rescued animals.

As part of the tour, guests are informed about factory farming and cases of farm animal neglect or abuse.  You are probably thinking, why would I want to go there and hear all of this disturbing and sad information?…because you also get to hear about happy endings too!  These animals at the shelters represent the “voice” for the other farm animals on factory farms that don’t have one.

AND, the absolute BEST part of the tour is getting to meet the sweetest animals in the world (besides my dogs, of course!)

I’m so glad this beautiful animal was saved!

A guide takes you around the farm and introduces you to the animals, they all have names and stories!  It’s amazing to hear about the trauma they went through, yet most are completely comfortable being around humans.  In our case, it was also helpful that my husband doubled as the “Animal Whisperer.”

This little guy LOVED Brendan

I love how the turkey and I are making the same facial expression

Happy ducks

Before I show more pictures from this year’s trip, I have to share one from last year.  Below is a picture of Blitzen, who along with two other calves was rescued from a livestock auction.  He was extremely sick and considered “worthless” by the bidders.  The Farm Sanctuary rescued him and brought him to an animal hospital.  As you can see in the picture, he was brought back to health and is a little cutie!  We asked about him on our most recent trip and they said he was moved into another pasture (away from guests) only because he was getting really playful and was head-butting people.  This news made us laugh.  Go Blitzen, go!

Brendan with Blitzen during our 2011 visit

The pigs have such great stories too.  Take a look HERE

How happy does this big guy look?

For some reason, I really enjoy visiting the cattle.  Most of them are HUGE…which is wonderful to see after hearing about what they have overcome.  One of our favs from last year’s trip was Kevin, who weighed around 3000 lbs.  Unfortunately Kevin passed away in November.  I read THIS ARTICLE about him when the news came out about his passing.  I sat at my computer crying, mostly happy tears for how great his life turned out in the end.

Below are pictures of a few of our new favorite buddies.

Gentle Giant

This picture makes me so happy

All of the animals seriously loved Brendan

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to go visit this great place.  If not yet, then maybe this will help…

The Farm Sanctuary also has a gift shop.  You can buy all different types of vegan foods, vegan cookbooks (including Thrive by Brendan Brazier), and Farm Sanctuary items.

I found the tastiest vegan cookies EVER!

Just thinking about how good they were, I want to go get more. right now!

I wanted to do something special for the Farm Sanctuary since I love it and the animals there so much.  I’m giving away two Farm Sanctuary Calendars and two Farm Sanctuary magnets to two lucky people.  Lots of twos, sorry!

All you have to do is leave a comment about this post…so I have your name to put into the random drawing.  You can write anything you want to say/share/ask about this post or the Farm Sanctuary.

The giveaway will close at 8pm EST on 08/01/12. The winner will be chosen at random from all entries and I will announce the who it is the next day via blog post.  I will attempt to contact you if you leave your email or twitter handle. You will have 48 hours to contact me to claim your prize, otherwise a backup winner will be chosen. US residents only.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review/giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Adventures

  1. Jenelle- I loved that you and Brendan donated to charity for your wedding favors! And that you went back to see the animals again! Your blog has been such a great read- I have discovered a few new products to try!

  2. I was raised on a farm and love cows so this post made my day. We named all of our cows, chickens, cats, dogs, and any other living creature that wandered up. I’m going to have to look up Farm Sanctuary online. I’d love to help support a place like this!

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