Running with Good Company & Saying Goodbye

Two great things about yesterday and one sad.

First great thing is that I got to start the day off at 5:45 with one of my most favorite running buddies, Ericka.  She’s an incredible athlete and in excellent shape right now.  She just competed in her second half ironman a few weekends ago.  How do I keep up with her, right?

Ericka and I at the Seneca 7 race in 2011. We have more recent pics together, but I like this one and wanted to show it off!

Ericka had a little longer run to do in the morning, so I did part of her run with her.  Miles FLY BY when you are running with a friend!  Although, I do always have a million things to talk about, so maybe the people who run with me and have to listen to ALL of it don’t think the miles go by so fast.  Either way, we hit some nice easy paces (somewhere between 8:20s and 8:30s) for our run and I felt great the whole time.  My goal was to at least get 5 miles in, ended up being close to 6, so I did a little extra loop and got the 6 done.

The second great part of yesterday was that I saved the rest of my day’s miles for a run with my husband that evening.  My plan was to not do more than 8 or 9 miles for the day total, so we ended up running 2 miles at marathon pace and a 3rd mile to get us back home.  Brendan sometimes forgets that I don’t think of 6:30 pace is easy, like he does, so our last night home felt like the marathon pace continued.  I quickly reminded him that we needed a NICE cool-down.

Mile 1:  7:42

Mile 2:  7:35

I was happy that these miles felt pretty easy.  Again, running faster is so much easier when you have good company to do it with.

Good company is also nice on a sailboat ride! This was from last weekend 🙂

Another sailing picture

The last thing about yesterday that was sad, but could be happy too, was that I got a new car.  Why would that be sad?  Giving up my Cavalier was tough.  No tears, but I’m definitely sad.  I’ve had that car FOREVER!  It had over 141,000 miles on it and was still going strong.  It’s still sitting in the lot where I traded it, so I keep thinking about going back and getting it.  I feel like cars have personalities and now it’s sad because I left it behind 😦  At least we were able to get a picture together before I left.

Sad to be leaving her

  • Do you run with good company once in a while?
  • Ever get sad trading in your car?…or am I the only one?


7 thoughts on “Running with Good Company & Saying Goodbye

  1. I was sad to see our Dodge Caliber in the junkyard. It was the very first NEW vehicle I had ever owned. And it was the first vehicle my husband and I purchased together, with the exception of the car we bought from his parents. But I was glad to see that it saved my husband’s life when he was rear-ended and the car was totaled.

    And I love running with friends!

  2. I was so sad when I traded in my cavalier as well! You’re not the only one – I felt the same way – that my car was going to be sad that I left it. And then I worried about who would have it next and if they would treat it well, haha!

  3. I can totally relate! Was sad to sell my van but my upgrade helped me get over it. My son had a huge meltdown. He was pretty sad too. Running with friends? Oh yes but not just any friend. My special running BFF rocks! She totally tolerates my slow poke pace, they days when I just don’t feel like talking. And the days when I am rather chatty. She’s the best!

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