Meet July’s US Road Runner of the Month

There is this GREAT website:  US Road Running.  They have a Runner of the Month (ROM) Program that they sponsor.  There are a variety of ways to earn points in ROM, including, thanking sponsors, logging in, participating or volunteering at a race.  Just lots of great ways to get people involved with running!

I recently took over as Runner of the Month Coordinator.  I’m still learning as I go, but really enjoying it.

Now on to the important part…I’m excited to share that July’s Runner of the Month is Heather Roe of Hellam, PA.  I was lucky enough to catch up with Heather and get to learn a little more about her. (I LOVE hearing that Heather enjoys Bondi Bands as much as I do!)  She also has a supportive husband and two sweet little boys, Riley and Mike.  Riley has even run two races with her!

Heather and her family

1.  When did you start running?  just over 3 years ago – I was trying to lose the weight I had gained during my 2nd pregnancy
2.  What KEEPS you running? (motivates you)  I love a challenge, I love the confidence running gives me, or maybe it’s a slight addiction
3.  What is your favorite running/race distance?  not sure yet – I have run lots of 5k and I’ll be running my 3rd half in October (even though I said I wouldn’t run a half again after I completed my first one) – I’m really excited for the 2 10k races in September which may end up being my favorite – sometimes a 5k seems too short and I just don’t know about the 1/2 marathons yet – does that make sense?
4.  What other activities do you enjoy outside of running?  I play volleyball, kayak, bike, and all kinds of sports w/ my 5 year old and 3 year old sons
5.  What is some of your favorite running gear?  I don’t really use a whole lot – but I make sure to never leave the house w/out my road id and a bondi band on my head (found the headbands about a year ago)
6.  Your favorite running memory  finishing my first 1/2 marathon in April – ran the Movie Madness 1/2 in Manchester, PA – even though I wasn’t feeling the best afterwards, I felt like WOW, I did it – my husband, sons and my dad were there to cheer me on and my running buddy drove the whole way from Lancaster w/ flowers for me at the finish line!
Congrats Heather!  You are definitely well deserving of Runner of the Month for July.  Keep up the good running! 🙂

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