Long Runs & Big Events

Big events seem to take place during my long runs.

Two weeks ago I ran an 18 miler and during that time, my former college roommate was giving birth to her second daughter.  How exciting!  The entire run I was thinking about her and how everything was going.  I also wondered who was in more pain at that time, me running 18 miles or her giving birth?…still yet to be determined.

Last week, during my 20 miler, I was running in a neighborhood and a house exploded.  I heard this really loud BOOM and the ground shook.  I kept running, still not knowing what had happened and noticed all of the people in the neighborhood coming out and looking around.  They obviously heard this loud noise too.  As I kept running, I came upon a home completely flattened and debris everywhere.  No rescue workers had arrived on the scene yet.  It was just me and the neighbors.  We all were in shock.

Here is a link to the house explosion.  Prayers for those impacted by this and glad to hear the owners of the home survived!  There were some extremely brave people involved with this event and the rescue.  I’m so thankful to live in such a great community.

Well, this week my 18 miler was pretty uneventful.  It rained pretty much the whole time and a girl told me she liked my shoes.  That’s it.

Saucony Kinvara 3, they are pretty sweet

I spent a lot of the run practicing the mental piece of marathon training.  I tried to “enjoy” the pain near the end of my long run.  It was a little tough because I was also mentally fighting off the thoughts of all of the water and chocolate milk I was going to gulp when I got home.  I made it.  I was in pain…but not as much as the last time I ran 18 miles.  I can’t wait until 18 miles is a breeze for me and I can do it REALLY fast!

…Which reminds me (on a completely random note).  I had a dream last night that Meb (the Olympic Marathon runner) stole my identity.  Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall (also Olympic Marathoners) were trying to help me bust him for it before they ran their races.  I kept telling them it could wait until after, but they insisted on solving the case.  No worries, I don’t have any hard feelings toward Meb.  His big day is tomorrow racing in the marathon.  I must have just been excited for it, so I was having crazy dreams.

We actually met Meb in Boston. Great guy.

Now that I have gone on and on…

  • Have any events happened on your long runs?
  • Do you have advice for mentally getting through long runs?
  • Do you wear sweet running shoes?


5 thoughts on “Long Runs & Big Events

  1. to get through difficult long runs is so hard! i always try to let my brain wander to favorite memories or funny stories that peope have told me. i use anything i can to distract myself. it seems to always help me!! SPa LOVE!

  2. How do you like the Kinvara 3 sneaks? I’ve had my eye on them but haven’t convinced myself that they’re the best shoe for my foot.

    • Missy, they took some getting used to. I wore them a lot, took a break, and now I’m wearing them again and they feel great. I would say if you try them, break them in slowly. They are really lightweight, so they make me feel fast! 🙂 I also enjoyed wearing the Kinvara (original) and Kinvara 2 before the 3s. I could write a whole other post on just the Kinvaras! haha.

  3. Oh, as far as advice goes, I am all about “chunking” the miles into segments. It depends how long the run is but I usually focus on three or four at a time instead of dwelling on the big number. Then it is a nice surprise when I am about two miles from the finish.

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