Was it My New Running Shorts?

Have you ever had a really good run?…and then wondered WHY the whole time?  I had one of those runs happen today.

I started out and felt okay.  At this point in the run I wasn’t feeling good or bad, just neutral.  I guess I can say, I was happy to notice I felt nice and recovered from Friday’s 18 miler.  The pace felt steady and easy.

A little over a mile in and I had to go to the bathroom, of course.  Luckily there were restrooms nearby.  I figured this would ruin my rhythm and the rest of the run would be painful.  Not so.

As I started up again I noticed I was keeping a decent pace and it felt easy.  I just went with it and hoped I could keep the pace up for at least a little while longer.

From the moment I passed the 2 mile mark and STILL felt good, I immediately began reviewing what I had done differently this morning before my run.  I only ate a banana.  No Clif Kids bar today (one of my absolute favs).  I thought that this didn’t seem like enough of an explanation, so I thought about how I slept last night.  Pretty good, but woke up a few times because of the new neighbors upstairs.  What did I eat yesterday?  Lots, well more like, probably too much, including a giant cookie from Panera.  Did I stretch a lot?  Hydrate really well?  Was it my new running shorts?  The weather?

Before long I was running up hills and taking a longer route than planned because I felt great!  WHY??

I couldn’t pin point an exact reason for why I felt so good.  I wanted so badly to figure it out because whatever I did, I wanted to do it again and again and again.  I want ALL of my runs to feel this way.  Then I realized, if every run felt like this one, I wouldn’t think it felt as good.  It would be an “every day kind of run.”  Ah, I was driving myself crazy.  Could I just put this run on replay for a while?

Before I knew it I was on my last mile before I would be home and I was running my goal marathon pace.  Talk about an unexpected proud moment.  I even hauled it up the huge hill I live on in order to keep a decent pace going.  While running up it, I thought about how much it was going to hurt once I got near the top, but it didn’t!  Of course it didn’t…it was my “feel-awesome-for- no-reason-run-day.”

Maybe I could give a little credit to training hard, but I still think there was something else!  Or maybe I need to eat giant cookies from Panera EVERY day! 🙂

This little guy likes to watch for me out the window when I get back from my runs, especially awesome runs!

  • Ever had a run where you just felt REALLY good?
  • Do you wonder why you feel good as much I did today?
  • How long before I get another run like this one?


3 thoughts on “Was it My New Running Shorts?

  1. i wonder that a lot! i always am curious as to why some runs are so great and some runs are so bad! i think the panera cookies can make anything better!! hahaha. those are great! and maybe it’s all in our minds too! i have no idea. all i know is that the harder we work the easier it will get!! love reading all your thoughts on things! SPA love!!

  2. Back in high school I had a run that was so great when I got back my coach asked if I had even gone running. I’ve had good runs recently but dream of the day I’ll have another run like that. I know if I keep running it will happen one of these days.

  3. Glad you had such a great run! I feel like I’ve thought the same things while on a great run. What did I eat? How long did I sleep? Did I drink more water than normal the day before?

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