This Week’s Featured Runner

I’m always excited to meet and learn about other runners.

I have a great lineup of runners who are ready to share their stories, goals, training plans, favorites, and much more.  I hope to introduce you to one of them each week.  If you are interested in becoming a featured runner, I would love to hear from you.  Email me:

My first featured runner is Kelli.  She is a speedy runner with a solid training plan and has lots of good advice to offer.

Meet Kelli!

Kelli Nelson, 32 years old, born and raised in Pine City, NY as a country girl =) I have my B.S. in Childhood Education and M.Ed in General Education from Elmira College, as well as a CFT through I.S.S.A., but am currently a stay at home mom of two amazing little girls.  Kids grow up so fast, so I feel very blessed that I’ve been able to stay home with them. We currently have two dogs. Bella is our 10 year old, fierce Jack Russell. Donzi, our American Bulldog, is a 3 year old lazy, slobbery lover. I love being adventurous, active and spontaneous. I love to laugh, smile, spend time with friends & family, travel, and indulge in complete euphoric laziness on Keuka Lake.

Hollie and Kelli

What are your goals?  I began running in Junior High, spent time on the track in 10th & 12th grade, and then nothing for years. However, my real running began almost 5 years ago, after the birth of my second daughter. This year my main focus is on training injury free for the NYC Marathon. With the help of Hollie Hughes, I’ve shaved nearly :40 seconds per mile, off my pace. My goal for NY is a 3:10-3:20 marathon-hoping for a 7:14 pace p/mile. But realistically, there will be 44,000 + runners, so I’m looking forward to absorbing the experience.  Not too sure holds for races after NY. I’d really like to do a full triathlon =)

What is your weekly mileage/mileage composition?  I will attach my training program.  Training Plan Start Date:  April 8, Training Plan End Date: Nov. 4 (NYC Marathon)  Max Mileage = 70 miles/week.  Starting Mileage = 45 – 50 miles/week.  Three months of speed work and base building followed by an 18 weeks marathon plan.  First 12 weeks of speed phase workouts follow this pattern:  2 miles easy warm-up, 4-6 strides, drills, the workout itself, 2 miles cool-down, core.  When starting marathon phase, do drills 3-4 times/week on your easy days (do a half mile warm-up, drills, then start your run).  During the entire plan:  do strides and core at the end of your runs 3-4 times/week, take at least one day off/week; you have the option on what day (just make sure it is a day marked “easy or off”), your mileage for your easy runs is determined by your overall weekly mileage (go by your feeling – one day you might decide to run 5 miles on your easy day, another day you might feel better running 7, etc)

Paces:  Rep (R):  43-44 (200m) / 87-90 (400m), Interval (I):  93-95 (400m) / 3:55-4:00 (1000m) / 4:41-4:47 (1200m), Tempo (T):  1:42-1:43 (400m) / 6:51-6:55(mile), Steady Tempo (ST):  7:06 (mile), Marathon Pace (MP): 7:14 (mile), Easy Run Pace (E):  8:00-8:15 (or what feels easy on the days you are running easy – might be faster / might be slower)

What are some of your race day rituals OR pre race day rituals?  Pre-race rituals…plan the outfit, make sure watch is charged and get plenty of sleep!!! Race day rituals usually included re-tying my shoes a thousand times. Other than that, I’m ready to roll!

What is your favorite race, favorite race distance, or a race on your bucket list? OR include all three!  Favorite race: Boston Marathon!!! The entire experience is one I wish for any runner. The crowd support is amazing!!!!!  Favorite race distance: Half Marathon. I feel like I can be more competitive at that distance, Bucket List: Chicago or London Marathon

What changes have you made that have most helped you to improve as a runner?  Run every run with purpose. If your not feeling it, stop. Save your legs for another day when your feeling it. Not every run/race is going to feel or go the way you want it to….I’ve had to remind myself this plenty of time.  I also run with Hollie, and she’s a rocket so when we run together, I just hold on for dear life. No talking, all business..most of the time.  Hard work pays off!!!!  Stretching, foam rolling and switching from a regular multivitamin to a multipack, geared for active people.

What are your favorite snacks, products, gear, recipes?  I could eat hummus by the buckets & Zucchini by the bundle!! Love all Hammer Gel products. Pretty simple when it comes to products and gear. As long as I have my Garmin and some sneakers, I’m a happy runner =)

What is your biggest accomplishment running-wise?  Oh, this one is tough.  Feeling like you ran your BEST after a race, whether you win or come in last. I really feel like just finishing a marathon is a HUGE achievement.

What is your favorite activity you use to supplement your running?  Does chasing my kids count??  I try to bike once a week to give my legs something different.

How do you get through a tough run?  It’s all mental. There’s a few things I do: Count down the miles, visualization, and having a damn good running partner to keep me going! I like to be pushed, so running with people wayyyyyyy above my ability gives me a lot of pleasure hahah

How about a random fact about yourself?  I’m deathly allergic to cashews

Thank you for sharing Kelli!  Want to hear more from Kelli?

She also helped co-create a group on Facebook to share running stories, races, etc:  Lady Warriors

Be sure to keep an eye out for Kelli at some local races and in November at the NYC Marathon.  Good luck.  We can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  • Do you have a questions for Kelli?
  • Are you running the NYC Marathon this November?

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Featured Runner

  1. Great feature! Kelli, I agree running is all mental- and thanks for sharing your training plan, too! I hope to make it to the Boston Marathon at some point… I’m so impressed with your speedy legs and training with two little girls, way to go!!

  2. Thanks Janelle!!! This is such an honor and awesome thing you are doing!!! I apologize for my typos.

    Yes I am running NY this November. I’ll try to keep Janelle up to date with my corral placement and bib number =)

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