Time to Sperr & Drink Chia!

One of my all time favorite races is this weekend in Big Flats, NY.  It is called the Time to Sperr.  There will be a 3k, 10k, and the newly added 5k.  Last year, my husband and I planned our wedding around this race.  We ran it the day before we got married!  This makes for the perfect wedding weekend if you were wondering.

Post race: the overall 10k winner & his sweaty bride to be

We even forced some of our wedding party and wedding guests to run the race with us.  Did I mention we have the greatest friends?

Wedding date written on the back of our shirts

The race is organized by my good friend, Sue Derick.  If you haven’t met Sue, you need to.  She does it ALL.  She’s a marathoner, coach, race organizer, the list goes on and on.  She also has really speedy kids too.

Sue and her son

All proceeds from the race go toward the maintenance and improvements at Sperr Park (where the race starts and finishes).

Sperr Park

The race is in memory of Andrew J. Sperr who was sadly, shot and killed during a routine traffic stop.  He was unaware that the two he pulled over had just robbed a bank.

Check out the complete biography of the Andrew, the race, and the park HERE  What an amazing person!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you should!  This park is absolutely beautiful and what a great feeling to run a race for a local hero.

I’m also excited to share that my good friend, Chandra over at Drink Chia has donated a TON of cases to this event!  If you aren’t sure what Drink Chia is, you can read all about it HERE in one of my previous posts.

Drink Chia!

Drink Chia is one of my absolute favorite ways to rehydrate after a run or workout.  When I was telling Chandra about how much I love Drink Chia and how much I love this race, she immediately help me put these two together.  How awesome is Drink Chia to send up all of these cases for this race?  Everyone associated with the race is beyond thankful for this extremely kind donation!  Thank you Drink Chia!

Cases of Drink Chia!

So, sign up for Time to Sperr!

Try some Drink Chia!  Or visit their website to learn more:  http://www.drinkchianow.com/

Good luck and “shake it baby”!


11 thoughts on “Time to Sperr & Drink Chia!

  1. I love this race too! I have my 10k mommy pr on this course as actually won money once 🙂 it is for such a great cause! I am bummed that the start time is the same time as my sons last lacrosse game so I can’t make it this year!

  2. You forgot to mention that our shirts also said stay away Irene you are NOT invited, the hurricane added a nice sound effect to the vows. 🙂 I noticed Drink chia was on rock my run yesterday too. I can’t wait to try this on Saturday at the race.

  3. Love this race, wish I could run this year but I will be out of town. Suggestion – You should highlight Sue and her story as one of the local runners on your blog. She is such a great person!!

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