One Year of Wedded and Running Bliss!

August 28, 2012:  Our 1st Wedding Anniversary!

(Where the 28 came from in my blog’s name…and also the reason it became one of my newest even numbers I obsess over)

Our wedding day!

Last year at this time, this is what I saw for the weather forecast all week.

Our wedding day was that Sunday that says “Irene,” as in hurricane Irene

It ended up being the perfect day, of course!  The rain and wind stopped for the most part in time for our outdoor ceremony.  A little rain, or in our case, a lot of rain is good luck, right?


We spent this past weekend in Boston celebrating our “anni-vacation”…”anniversication”…

I worked on how to say it correctly the whole way there.  Brendan loved listening to hours of me practicing how to say it.  While in Boston we were able to get in some beautiful runs together and eat (yes, we still run together once in a while, even though Brendan is MUCH faster than me-THAT’S love).  Anyway, we were able to get in the two things we enjoy most!  Boston didn’t let us down with all of their awesome food AND dessert options.  I’ll share more about our trip in another post.

Besides being excited to celebrate my new most favorite day of the year today, I’ve also been SO SO SO excited to break this out…

The original top layer of our wedding cake!  I think it is the BEST idea in the world to save the top layer for the first year anniversary.  I can’t remember the flavor, but I know we will love it.


This is what it looked like last year at this time.  I’d say my sister (the pastry chef who made this perfect cake) did a good job saving it for us).  I will share how it tastes in a later post.

Wedding Cake

I also have to share this creative little piece that someone made for us on Etsy.

EST. 8.28.11

I’ve decided that we will take pictures with it every year on our anniversary because I love it so much.  I’m sure Brendan will be so excited to hear this news.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the absolute best husband!  To many more years and miles together!  Love you.

  • Is is anni-vacation, anniversication, or is it something completely different?
  • Any guesses about what flavor our top layer is?


5 thoughts on “One Year of Wedded and Running Bliss!

  1. awwhhh!! congrats to you and happy anni!!!!! what a huge milestone! the photos are gorgeous that you shared, btw. such a beautiful cake and a beautiful couple! SPA love!!!

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