Follow-up & Great Post to Read

Following up from my previous post…(at the suggestion of a good friend-thanks Leslie!)

Yesterday, while boiling water on the stove, the hot water splashed up on my arm when I was trying to break up the frozen food in the pot.  I panicked slightly because I envisioned my arm slowly blistering and not being able to shower or go outside with it.  I still needed to shower for my first anniversary dinner!  At this point I wasn’t sure how bad it was burned.  Google told me to run it under cold water for 15 minutes.

Turns out, Google was right.  The doctor said that is exactly what you are supposed to do after you get a burn!  Now I know.  He also suggested some burn relief spray which I covered my arm in all night long.  Also, he said that if a burn is going to blister, it happens right away-for those of you wondering about that.  Today, I can barely see any sign of a burn on my arm and it only hurts if I accidently touch something with it.

*This was only a first degree burn, I encourage you to seek your doctor if you get any type of burn, as they can be very serious!


In other news, I came across this post on a blog that every marathoner/long distance runner that is married should read.  I figured it was only appropriate after just celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary.

How To Stay Married To a Marathon Runner

I would love to continue to share other blogs in my posts.  If you have a blog or a specific post you would like highlighted by me, send a link to it my way:

  • Are you married or dating a runner?
  • Do you have a blog?  Leave a link for it in the comment section to share with others!


2 thoughts on “Follow-up & Great Post to Read

  1. Happy belated anniversary! Congrats on your first year. I hope you had a wonderful time. And thank you so much for highlighting my blog post! I’m honored beyond words 🙂 Good luck to you and all the runners out there who are balancing training with marriage and life 🙂 Happy running!

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