My Magical Ability with Injuries

Have I mentioned that I have a magical ability to make tendonitis appear in my foot every 6 months?  For the past 2 years, every February and August, I have had to miss at least a week of good running because of tendonitis.

If you don’t like feet, skip looking at the next photo.

If you don’t mind, this is my foot KT taped.  Whoever invented KT tape is a genius!  They should get a bonus for making videos online that show you exactly how to tape every injury you could imagine.

My foot KT taped

This is the video has over 18,000 hits and 17,000 are probably from me.  In other words, I definitely recommend KT tape and these videos.

How to KT Tape Peroneal Tendonitis:  You Tube Video

Thanks to a little rest, KT tape, massage, anti-inflammatory meds, and lots of yummy food in Boston, I’ve slowly been getting back into a running routine.  Yesterday I able to do a nice 5 miler in the morning and a track workout at night, for a total of 10 pain free miles!  WOO!  I’ve also been taking my rest seriously…meaning, I really ran around noon yesterday because I slept until 10:00 🙂  Rest is key!

Here are some pics of running in Boston.  This might also be a cure for tendonitis.  My foot didn’t bother me while running along the Charles River.

Stopping for a picture next to the Charles River

I made Brendan run up these stairs because I thought it would look cool.

Brendan running

Yes, we actually did run too, not just take pictures.  A little over 5 miles that day.

Although, coming back from injury is nice because it gives me a solid reason to stop (take pictures) and have excuses for why we can’t run my husband’s wicked fast pace.  (They say wicked in Boston a lot, so I thought it fit in that last comment well).

Running near the Charles

A couple of times, I thought we accidently joined a 5k race because there were SO many other runners out running when we were.  This is very opposite of where I live, unfortunately.  Usually when I see another runner, I get excited and hope that they want to run with me.  Most days, I’m lucky to get a hello.

More running!

Anyway, my foot is on the mend.  I look back at each time this tendonitis appears and days one, two, and three, I’m miserable and going crazy because I can’t run.

Evidence of this is when Brendan was out of town working the year it first happened.  I was so upset that I “wouldn’t be able to run for six months because I JUST knew it was a stress fracture.”  This arrived in the mail a few days later….

Aqua Jogger to use in the pool

I’ve had many x-rays and even an MRI on it…it’s not a stress fracture.  But I’ve learned the hard way, I can’t run on it when I feel the pain in my foot.

After a while I accept it, but test it every day to see if it’s better yet.  Usually for the first five days it feels “funny” when I try to run.

I’ve learned it’s better to let it heal, rather than do more damage by trying to run on it.  It has actually cleared up much faster when I don’t run versus trying to run on it.  Last August I missed 12 days of running.  This August, I have only missed about 5 full days of no running and a couple of 1 mile run days.

I hate the “out of shape” feeling that I get, but 1-2 weeks off is better than 1-2 months or more of no running.

“An injury is a blessing in disguise”

Off to get ready for a run.

  • Have you had to deal with an injury while training for an important race?
  • Ever had peroneal tendonitis?
  • Do you use KT Tape?

*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with KT Tape or Boston – I just love them both SO much.  I bought the KT tape with my own money.


9 thoughts on “My Magical Ability with Injuries

  1. Awh I am so sorry you have to deal w that tendonitis junk!! My dad has it in his elbow, and he’s an avid archery shooter/hunter. It’s such a pain for him! Im glad u kno rest is best tho! Keep taking care of it! Spalove!

  2. I had to stop training for the MCM due to a stress fracture. I am/was crushed, it sucks. I get the getting out of shape due to not being able to run. I am currently rehabbing as best as I can through non-weight bearing exercises.

  3. I hope it heals quickly! So ironic I just wrote a post on Tendonitis last week, maybe it has more info for ya… Peroneal tendonitis usually stems from overpronation and ankle stabilizers required more strength….

  4. I’ve had several injuries, the worst being achillies tendonitis. I also have chronic bad knees that love to protest loudly when I up my mileage. Boo! I’ve never tried KT tape but I would definitely be open to it if it would help my knees get through 13.1.

  5. Yes I’ve had injuries and it’s always best to take the time to let it heal….otherwise you may hurt it worse and be out for even longer. Although it is super tough to stop running when you are a runner! I’ve never tried KT tape but I have a friend who uses it and swears by it! Hope the foot stays feeling great!

  6. I’ve been having some tendonitis in my feet, so this was very helpful! I also have a suspected quad strain so I’m forcing myself to take a week off – despite a half marathon in about 2 weeks, another a month from that, and then the full marathon in November. Trying not to be anxious about not being well-trained for them. Here’s hoping the week off is sufficient and I can get back into a groove. I’ll be looking for KT tape too! 🙂

  7. That sucks! I’m in training too, and I keep hurting my shin, knee and foot. I’m still struggling to figure it all out, but I have the professionals on it! I get crazy too (I also have an aqua jogger…and a 24 hour gym so I can use the elliptical).

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