Question of the Week: Compression Socks Answered!

This week’s question & answer:  Compression Socks

1.  Do you wear compression socks?

2.  If yes, what brand/model do you prefer MOST?

3.  Do you use compression socks more for running/training OR recovery?

Post-race recovery in compression socks

I’m SO thrilled with all of the responses I received!…28 of them to be exact.  28 just happens to be my favorite number right now.  Good job readers!  I’ll go ahead and assume I stopped getting responses once I hit 28 because everyone knows about my number obsession.

  • Out of 28 responses:  21 people said they do currently or have at one time worn compression socks/sleeves, 7 have not.
  • The split was almost even for how people use compression socks.  Using them for recovery was slightly more popular than using them during training/running.
  • Now for the REALLY interesting part…I loved hearing about the brands of compression that people use or prefer.  I will list all of the brands starting with the brands with the fewest votes leading up to the brands with the most.  

4.  Drug Store $13.00 pair, Ted Stockings, Swiftwick, and compression socks from all tied for the lowest number of votes.

3.  Zensah Sleeves

2.  Pro Compression

1.  CEP

My Thoughts:  I absolutely LOVE wearing compression socks.  I have not tried the sleeves, although after reading all of your great reviews on them, I may have to try them!  I have worn compression socks for training, racing, recovery, and even traveling.  I would have to say my favorite time to wear them is when I sleep (unless it’s a really hot night).  I truly believe they help my legs recover after my long runs and after speed work on the track.  I used to have the “tired legs” feeling and it was difficult for me to get in lots of miles during my marathon training until I starting using compression socks.  After wearing them I felt like I recovered quicker and was ready for my next workout much sooner.

 I have tried several brands; some are more expensive than others.  I have found that the compression socks I enjoy the most, often do cost a little more.  Some of the brands I have tried include:  CEP, Pro Compression, Zoot, CWX, and Nike.

One of these companies has generously sent me a pair of their compression socks to try.  It was my first time trying them.  I will share the company, their product, and my thoughts tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Compression Socks Answered!

  1. I’ve been super curious about compression socks. I think that I’m in the minority who have not tried them before so I love hearing more about them. Thanks for this!

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