Question of the Week: Running Gear

It’s Tuesday, lets have another question of the week!

{I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.  If you would like to contribute a question to use, I would love to give you the credit for it and shout out to your blog/twitter/facebook/etc.  E-mail me with question of the week ideas:}  

I also hope to have the question relate to an upcoming blog post that could be a giveaway, gear review, or a completely random thought.

This week’s topic is:  Running Gear/Accessories

This topic could cover SO many pieces of running gear.  I want to focus on that one piece of running gear or accessory you don’t like to leave the house without BESIDES the obvious: running shoes and Garmin/watch.  

Tell me what your favorite piece of running gear/accessory is…

I would LOVE to share as many responses as possible.  I will not be including your name or any identifying information with your responses.  I want to use this information in an upcoming post and review of a piece of running gear.  Please leave your responses in the comment section.

Thank you for all of your input.  I really enjoy hearing from all of you!


22 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Running Gear

  1. My ipod shuffle. must have for any run (and for EVERY race). I need my tunes! 🙂

    also – now that fall weather is coming. I love long sleeve running tops with thumb holes. LOVE.

  2. As I have a heart condition (great for a guy running half marathons right?) who runs a lot of roads in Wyoming where the traffic count is handful per hour, I never leave without my RoadID and my iPhone. That way if I get into trouble, I can call someone, which I did on my recent 2 hour plus run where I ran out of water about 3 miles short of ending. The RoadID let’s people know about my condition and who to call.

  3. I don’t listen to music. I don’t wear socks, and I barely need shoes. Running is simple and I like to keep it that way. The fewer things I put on or take with me the better!

  4. I really love my SpiBelt. I just got it a couple months ago to have something to carry my phone in. (my Garmin died and my next watch is going to be the Bia watch which doesn’t come out until spring, so I’ve been tracking my runs on my phone). Anyway, I first tried an armband which chafed. So then I got the SpiBelt. It’s great! It has a plastic inner bag so the phone stays dry and it doesn’t bounce when I run. I highly recommend it for carrying your phone, gels, whatever.

  5. Yes, of course the obvious ones you mentioned, but the key to my running happiness is a dryfit hat or visor to keep the sweat from dripping in my eyes, keeps me from having to wipe my brow and just keeps me more comfortable. I guess I tend to have a sweaty head.

  6. shorts. shorts. shorts. Those are one thing I definitely don’t leave without, but there are so many different versions for guys. The short kind (think 80s jogger), the long kind (think basketball), the kind with underweard built in (think swimming). It’s a challenge to find the right kind.

    Also, running gloves. Love running in those.

  7. My most important piece of running equipment (besides my Brooks Ghost 3 and Nike Free 5.0 v4) is my sports bra from Title Nine. Previous to this, I had to wear three sports bras!! I use the Trade-Up Sports Bra, and I am never going back to using three!! 🙂

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