Link Love with an Important Point!

Have you ever come across a blog post that REALLY captures your attention?  This happened to me when I saw a post entitled:  “The Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings.”  You should definitely check it out.  CLICK HERE to read it.  I also enjoyed reading the comments on the post.  A lot of good points were brought up.

This can be a scary topic…but such an important one!  Most people who have run with me know how much I obsess over wearing sunscreen while out running.  It makes sense though!  When you are out running, you are completely exposed to so many harmful rays.  Why not err on the side of caution and protect your skin?  And now reading about screenings!  I love this idea.  Catch it early and prevent!

My collection

I remember a while back reading about Deena Kastor having skin cancer and that’s when it really hit me that being out in the sun running for so long can definitely put one at risk.  You can check out Deena’s Blog HERE.  I wish my blog would play awesome music for everyone who visits…like hers does 🙂

There is also this Runner’s World article that talks about Deena, as well as runners at risk for skin cancer.  You can find it HERE.

  • Do YOU wear sunscreen when you are working, running, or spending time outside in the sun?
  • What brands/types do you use?


3 thoughts on “Link Love with an Important Point!

  1. Ok so if I’m going to be outside for a little while I won’t block up, However anything longer then a half hour I try my hardest to remember to put it on myself. The kiddies are always taken care of. And I use Neutrogena and Aveeno. Oh and I do like Coppertone.

  2. I’m a total sunscreenaholic.. My face makeup has it in it and I pretty much wear cardigans year round to work, but other than that, I load up on SPF45 religiously!
    I really like Neutrogena spray on.. it’s super light and makes me feel glistening instead of sticky.

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