Question of the Week: Core Exercises

{I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.  If you would like to contribute a question to use, I would love to give you the credit for it and shout out to your blog/twitter/facebook/etc.  E-mail me with question of the week ideas:}  

I also hope to have the question relate to an upcoming blog post that could be a giveaway, a review, or a completely random thought.

This week’s topic is:  Core Exercises


What’s your favorite core exercise?

I would LOVE to share as many responses as possible.  Please leave your responses in the comment section.

Thank you for your input.  I love hearing your responses.  They are always so inspiring!


22 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Core Exercises

  1. Great question! I am a massive #PlankADay fan – I much prefer dynamic to static core exercise, and try to incorporate some other body parts as well.

    My current routine is front plank, side planks, pedestal (reverse) and Russian twists with a medicine ball.

    I love Laura’s info on this here:
    And Cait’s awesome routine here:

  2. I love planks, side planks, and all of the variations you can do. I also like doing “dead bugs” with an exercise ball, and supermans for lower back strength.

  3. I love core exercises! Recently I’ve really been into yoga and pilates as im resting a bit from running, and that really works my core in a new way! Happy Tuesday, beautiful!

  4. I love planks, especially when incorporating variations while you’re holding it (for example, move from high plank to low plank to side plank, lift alternating legs, draw alternating knees in, etc). Super challenging and effective.

  5. Starting from a full-arm plank, I like to alternate drawing my knees in: first, crossing the middle and touching each knee to the inside of the opposite arm, then bringing each knee up and touching it to the outside of the same arm. For an extra challenge, try to balance with your hands on the platform of a BOSU ball!

  6. Planks( & side plank too), russian twists, v-ups, push ups, lunges with twists, supermans, and back bridges…..all things I did before the laziness crept in. But, your blog’s have given me plenty of motivation!!!

  7. I’m in love with something I’m calling reverse russian twists. I lay on my back, hands at my sides, legs out stretched and rotated so that my left hip/side is on the ground, but my shoulders are flat. I then tuck my legs up and rotate so that when I extend my legs again, my right hip is on the ground. Don’t let your feet touch the ground during the set and repeat 49 more times! Lower ab bliss!

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