Question of the Week: Core Exercises Answered!

I cannot believe the number of great responses I received about core routines!

The most popular answer by far was planking.  This was closely followed by Russian Twists.  Ever heard of them?

Other great core routines being done out there included:

dead bugs, supermans, hanging leg raises, yoga, pilates, stability/bosu ball, push-ups, crunches.

Plank Love!

My Thoughts:  I’m a huge plank fan myself.  All 874 pictures of me planking is probably enough proof of that, right?  I also really like push-ups.  I do 25 per day no matter what.  Sometimes I’ll even throw in a few bonus ones…  After hearing about russian twists from all of you, I’m going to have to add them to my routine!  I also need a bosu ball asap.  Can we all get together to practice our core favs together?

I wanted to share a post I came across last weekend.  It contains links to some great core routines.  I tried one from BexLife-Crazy Slim Abs.  It’s quick, but works the core, so I like it.  Between work and marathon training, it’s nice to have a quick go-to core routine.  If you know BexLife, you know she rocks!

  I’m definitely going to check out a few of the other links as well.  Here is the post if you are interested: 

A little more on core in my next post, get excited!


10 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Core Exercises Answered!

  1. Love Bex Life! I’m also a fan of doing some pushups everyday. It’s just a few minutes that make me feel great!

    P.S. Love this Question of the Week series!

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