Do you plank?  Over the summer, I really got into planking (again) after a long time away from it.  I joined this great group via Twitter: #Planktweeps.  They have helped inspire me to plank everyday and to keep on improving my times.


My first “plank comeback” time was 1:00.  Since then, I have worked my way up to a 4:15 plank PR!  I Cannot wait to reach a 5:00 plank.  I’m kind of obsessive about keeping track of my plank times (I use an excel spreadsheet-yes I’m extreme like that).  Thanks to my over the top love for my plank excel spreadsheet, I can share what my first week of planks looked like:

1:00, 1:20, 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:30

This past week‘s planks looked like this:

4:00, 2:00, 2:30, 4:08, 3:00, 4:15, 2:00

I like to go for a longer plank one day and take it a little easier the next day.  This is my plan for plank success!  Once in a while, life happens and I only have time for a quick plank, but I make sure no matter how long, I get it in for the day!  One time I didn’t get my plank in for the day and #PlankPolice caught me and called me out (no joke)!  It was awful!  Never again.

Usually Brendan is around and is lucky enough to be designated my plank photographer and cheerleader.  However, sometimes he’s not around and I have to capture proud moments myself.

Plank PR: 4:00!The day it happened, I had been dreaming all day about getting  plank PR of 4:00.

Another big plank PR: 4:08!

My pups are my other cheerleaders.  During my latest Plank PR, September (my greyhound) sat right next to me the whole time.  He’s all about staying fit!

September and I celebrating a 4:15 plank!

One of my #PlankTweeps is Mindy.  She blogs over at Road Runner Girl.  Mindy is very devoted to her planking and even made a badge!  Here is a link to her post about Planking.

You should join the Plank-A-Day Revolution!

Follow @DrSherryPagoto and @mbfgmike on Twitter.  Tweet your progress with hashtags #plankaday and #planktweeps.

  • Do you PlankADay?
  • What is your longest plank?

9 thoughts on “#PlankADay

  1. You have some great plank times! Congrats on the progress! That’s awesome!! I actually got my BF into planking and he does #plankaday now too!! It’s great! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Love this, and I am so gonna start doing this! I love planks, though my times hover around 1:00. I don’t do them every day, but that changes today. Thanks for the post!

  3. youre too cute! i love the fact that you spreadsheet! i try to plank a day, but it usually only ends up being a couple days a week. LOL! hope you have a fantastic saturday! spa love!

  4. Awesome! Planktweeps are the greatest. As my running has gotten longer, my planks have gotten shorter. My longest was 3 mins, but that was ages ago! I need to get back into it 🙂

    Well done – I also love that you were left to take your own photos 😛

  5. I have made a challenge to plank at least once a day for at least a minute for a month only doing another core workout at least once a week. My longest plank has been 5:15. I had a 10k today and was only able to plank 4:05 after it. I love to plank. I think it works out so many muscles at one time. I posted about planking on me blog a couple time because I love it so much.
    Great times girl. Keep up the great planks.

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