Question of the Week: The Marathon (& a mini giveaway!)

{I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.  If you would like to contribute a question to use, I would love to give you the credit for it and shout out to your blog/twitter/facebook/etc.  E-mail me with question of the week ideas:}  

I also hope to have the question relate to an upcoming blog post that could be a giveaway, a review, or a completely random thought.

This week’s topic is:  The Marathon

Brendan running the Wineglass Marathon 2011

Have you run a marathon?

If so, what is your favorite marathon?

I would LOVE to share as many responses as possible.  Please leave your responses in the comment section.

I’ll randomly choose one reader from the responses that will win a sample packet of Vega Energizing Smoothie!


27 thoughts on “Question of the Week: The Marathon (& a mini giveaway!)

  1. I have run 6, fingers crossed, soon to be 7 marathons. My favorite was Grand Rapids. It was a gorgeous, fall-colors filled course, the planets aligned, it was my first BQ. SPA love!

  2. The Arizona Rock N Roll Marathon! The weather is perfect, the scenery is out of this world and the hype of the crowd is like nothing else!! It takes place every January, if anyone is interested! 😉

  3. Out of the two that I’ve run, USAF Marathon in Dayton is my favorite. I highly recommend it to anyone! It’s so well organized, there are military fly-overs that give you chills and the finish chute is under the wings of military planes. Plus, you get your medal from men (or women, mine was man) in uniform!

  4. I haven’t been bitten by the marathon bug yet…..I’m working on my training for my 3rd & 4th 1/2 marathons in October and November. I have so much respect for those who train and run a full marathon!! AMAZING!!

  5. I’ve run two marathons, both of them wineglass. I’ve trained to run the wineglass this year but because of a foot injury I had to defer to next year. Oh well. I also trained to run Gettysburg but because of a back injury had to cancel that one as well. I think i will always love wineglass because its local and I don’t have to travel to get there. I have no idea how the pros can jump on a plane and run a marathon the next day, my legs and back hurt just thinking about it. Good luck to all of sunday’s runners.

  6. I have run 19 (soon to be 20) marathons and I have loved most for various reasons, I think my favorite was Boston, the atmosphere and crowds were amazing!

  7. I’ve never run a marathon and I’m not sure if I ever will, but I really enjoyed running all over Chicago last fall to cheer on runners there. All of you marathon runners are SO inspiring!

  8. I never wanted to run a marathon until after I ran my first half. I live in Cincinnati and we have a fairly big marathon around here called The Flying Pig that is in May. Someone asked me last fall if I was going to run the Pig. It just so happened it was on my birthday, my 26th birthday. I took it as a sign that it was my time to run a marathon. Celebrating my 26th birthday running 26.2 miles was amazing. I loved everything about The Flying Pig (and its the only one I’ve ran) so it is my favorite by default. I plan on running it again in 2013!

  9. I have run quite a few marathons… I know it’s over 10. My favorite was my first. It was in Florence, Italy and one of my slowest. LOL. It was brutal, but gorgeous. I also really loved New York and San Francisco is obviously close to home.

  10. I have never run a full marathon or been much of a runner at all! Running my first half marathon on Sunday, wineglass. Fingers crossed!

  11. I have not ran a full….yet. I want to do one someday but probably when my son is a little older and I have more free time to allot to training for such a big event.

  12. I’ve done 6 marathons. My favorite has to be the Flying Pig In Cincinnati, Ohio. Great course, awesome crowd support, and since it crosses into KY, I marked off two states. I’ve done the Denver full twice and that’s my home state race. Missed it thIs past weekend due to injuries.

  13. I’m running my first marathon at Wineglass this Sunday! I’ve run two halfs and started the Wineglass full last year but had to stop halfway due to injury. Technically that was another half! Excited to train for more 🙂

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  15. I have run 5 marathons so far. I’d have to say my last, the Foot Traffic Marathon on Sauvie Island in Portland, was the best because it was beautiful to run around the island, and I qualified for Boston. Although in November I get to run the New York City Marathon and I suspect that might become my favorite.

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