Question of the Week Answered & a WINNER!

This week’s question asked, have you ever run a marathon?

Out of the 25 responses:  YES- 12, NO- 13

Pretty close race!

I also asked, what is your favorite marathon?  The three that were repeated a couple times were:

The Boston MarathonThe Flying Pig in Cincinatti, and the Rock N’ Roll Marathons (New Orleans & Arizona) 

Some other responses included:  Wineglass Marathon, Big Sur, Disney World Marathon, USAF Marathon in Dayton, Grand Rapids Marathon, Air Force Marathon, and a marathon that took place in Florence, Italy.

My first marathon: The Wineglass

My Thoughts:  As I have mentioned before, I have run two marathons.  I am running my third this Sunday.  One interesting part about running the same marathon again (a year later) is looking back at the training I did last year and comparing it with this year.  I love looking at my workouts, times, paces, miles, etc.  I did my training a little differently this year, but I feel ready.  I remember thinking last year, what have I gotten myself into??

Do you ever panic about having all of the right stuff ready for the big race?  Every day this week I have thought I, “oh, I need to get this or order this for my marathon, or don’t forget to use this, what about this?.”  One day I’ll have it all down to exactly what I need.

Anyway, thanks for your participation, now lets get our winner of the Vega sample packet!

Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice!


“I have run 6, fingers crossed, soon to be 7 marathons. My favorite was Grand Rapids. It was a gorgeous, fall-colors filled course, the planets aligned, it was my first BQ. SPA love!”


7 thoughts on “Question of the Week Answered & a WINNER!

  1. Good luck this weekend! I get really nervous with packing before races too. I have a list written out, and I go over it with all the stuff on the floor, then go over it again as I put it in a bag. Double check! I’ve been good so far!

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