Marathon Weekend with a Legend

The Wineglass Marathon Celebration is in full swing!

Banner hanging downtown

Thursday night as I stood  trying to take “cool pictures” of the Corning Museum of Glass, Joan Benoit Samuelson walked right by me to go in to do her speaking engagement.  She was with people that I knew, so they said hi, and I almost dropped my camera in awe of Joan.  A RUNNING LEGEND!

The picture I was taking when Joan walked by me.

Joan spoke about her experiences as a runner.  She also gave advice about training, racing, and maintaining a balance in life.  When asked how many marathons she has run, Joan replied by saying she wasn’t quite sure.  She eventually guessed 50.  Isn’t that amazing?  Afterwards, she stuck around for us hardcore fans to sign autographs and take pictures.

Hanging out with Joan Benoit Samuelson

Joan and I didn’t quite have enough time to catch up with each other at Corning Glass, so she decided to stop by my work today AND surprise a first time marathoner who I work with (okay, she was really there just for Sara, but I got to play super fan for a little longer).  Again, how awesome is Joan…and the first time marathoner, Sara?!

Sara and Joan, newest besties

Did I mention Joan has great ideas too?  She decided to bring along her Olympic Gold Medal for a classroom of fourth graders, an obsessed Speech Pathologist, a few teachers, and a principal to touch and go nuts over!  Best idea ever and I’m sure it will bring us luck this weekend.  Pretty sure I’ll never touch an Olympic Gold medal again, so thank you Joan for one of the best top ten moments in my life!

1984 Olympic Gold Medal

Now on to the carbo loading and relaxing!  But first, take a look at how far people have come to run the Wineglass Marathon?

Runners from all over!

Good luck to all running this weekend!  I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s race!

My goal(s):

1.  To finish

2.  To beat my time from my last Wineglass experience: 3:56

3.  3:30-3:35 (BQ)


9 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend with a Legend

  1. Someone else blogged recently about Joan – she sounds lovely, and very sensible in her approach to running!

    Have fun with the carbs ;-). Best of luck! I’ll be thinking of you!!!

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