Question of the Week Answered: Favorite Race Distances

What is your favorite race distance?

The most popular race distance…(from this week’s responses)

Brendan running the Wineglass Marathon 2012

15 Votes: Half Marathon!

5k:  10 Votes

Full Marathon:  6 Votes

10k:  3 Votes

10 miles: 3 Votes

50 Miles: 1 Vote

My Thoughts:  I have definitely raced the 5k distance the most.  I enjoy a good 10k and  I’ve completed 3 full marathons.  However, my favorite race distance would have to be the half marathon.  There’s something about the combination of required strength, endurance, and speed that make it the ideal race distance for me.

I’ve raced 4 half marathons.  My first half marathon was in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I trained by myself by running the same loop every day.  I ended up running a 2:04.  My PR half is on the Red Baron course in Corning, New York: 1:34.  I would love to run a 1:30 or faster some day.

  • What’s your half marathon PR?
  • What’s your favorite half marathon course?


13 thoughts on “Question of the Week Answered: Favorite Race Distances

  1. i have never run a half, so i can’t answer your question today, but i really liked seeing the results of your question! i like how you’ve been doing these little polls! have a fab day today!!! spa love!

  2. My half PR is a 1:29. Long term goal is eventually a 1:25!
    I love the Red Baron course too, as it’s where I set my PR. Catharine Valley is another one of my faves!
    Hope your marathon recovery is going well!

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t get more answers for the half! I’ve only ever one run – as part of a 32km training run (shock horror! And to think I’m marathoning next weekend!) it was at training pace and I got 2:02:50, so I’m hopeful I can actually race it one day and be comfortably under 2 hours.

  4. I just ran my SECOND half this year! My first time was 3:35 (untrained, with PF). My second 1/2, completed 9/29/12 in Akron was 3:02:36! My goal was to complete under 3, however, seeing my son and family out on the course I had to stop for a hug and picture!

  5. My half marathon PR is 2:19 but I did run 2:11 at the halfway point of one of the marathons I ran so I could do better if I tried! My favorite half marathon course is the Dances with Dirt Trail Half Marathon up in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The view is unbelievable!

  6. My first half was last weekend at the wineglass marathon. Couch to 13.1 in 11 weeks with two knee injuries and a very motivational husband running with me (even though he’s faster!) in a time of 2:11! And I’m even considering signing up for the Red Baron half next month. Nuts or what?!

  7. One year ago I would have never imagined I would say this but…. I love the 1/2 marathon distance, I just completed the Wineglass 1/2 and loved every moment of it. Loved the crowd support and the scenery, as well as the distance. I like the 5k and 10K but when you run for speed, you miss the things around you that make you smile!

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