Big Events Coming…

In a few weeks something big is happening…

I’m turning the big 3-0!  In preparation for this event, I’ve decided to attend other 30th birthdays to see how I like it.

Next month…

One way to help your loved ones celebrate turning 30 is to throw their surprise party two weeks early.  That way they get concerned that their memory is really going down hill fast.

Dan thought his wife was having a “jewelry party.” Nope, SURPRISE! 30!

Make everyone wear mustaches, wigs, sunglasses, you name it…anything to keep the soon-to-be 30 year old wondering who all of these people are.  Or in my case, confuse the guests as well.  (I didn’t recognize half of the people there).

Who are these people?

Help them flash back to the decade they were born in by giving them a sweet wig and playing 80’s music.

The dream of the 80’s is alive

Remind them that they AREN”T too old to learn new tricks.  Or in my case, not too old to learn how to play Kan Jam.  I have to brag for a minute and share that I got the frisbee in the side slot on my very first throw.  Game over!   Almost 30 year olds rock at Kan Jam!  Oh, and so do these girls.  They beat me in the next game.

Kan Jam winners!

I’ve learned to be prepared for a few of these looks…

You’re turning how old?!

I have to try and think of the positives of 30:

Most importantly, I love even numbers.  I’ve had enough of this 29 year old odd number business.

I like mustaches and sunglasses.

At some point that day, I’m bound to eat CAKE!

I’m already good at Kan Jam.

And I’m I’ll move up an age group level in races (running) and be considered the young one of the 30-39 group.

I definitely look ready for 30

  • Any advice for a 29 year 11 month old person?


12 thoughts on “Big Events Coming…

  1. my advice is to celebrate awesomely!!! 30 is a great accomplishment and BIG milestone!!! i wont hit it for 5 more years, but don’t be scared because age is just a number and you’re only as old as you act! :o) happy wednesday!!

  2. Its really not that bad being in the 30 club, I never feel like my true age anyway. Plus you look like you’re 20 so don’t worry, and i’m sure high school boys still hit on you while you’re running and not yell run Forest like they do to me. 🙂

  3. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about metabolism slowing down since you workout like a champ, so you can eat all the cake, cake, cake that you want : ) Also, now that you are 30, you can look back on the last decade and see how far you’ve come, and celebrate starting a new decade of life being MARRIED to my bro! : )

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