Question of the Week Answered: Fueling for a Run

What type of fuel do you use during your runs or races, if any? 

What is your favorite?

According to your responses, the most popular choices for fueling during training runs or racing are…

1.  GU Gels-Vanilla Bean being a favorite flavor

2.  Clif Shot Blocks

3.  Honey Stingers (chews & waffles)

Other responses included:  Clif Shot Gels, Hammer Gels, Carb Boom, Sport Beans, GU Chomps, Fit Mixer Aminos, Vega Sport Drinks, and Dried Fruit!

My Thoughts:  I have a fairly sensitive stomach, so I have a tough time taking fuel during my runs and races.  When I run longer distances, I tend to get dehydrated and everything upsets my stomach.  Increasing my water intake was my fist step in the right direction.  Now, I am trying out different fueling options.  I have found that I like taking gels with caffeine for that extra “kick.”  Hearing all of your input has definitely given me lots of ideas to try!  Thanks everyone for contributing!

  • Do you have a sensitive stomach when it comes to fueling your runs and races?


13 thoughts on “Question of the Week Answered: Fueling for a Run

  1. Great question – it looks like gels are the lesser of most evils! Good to know that hydration is key for you – I’m going to remember that!

    I have a sensitive stomach – so I take something to make sure I don;t have to deal with it for the race 😉 (desperate times…)

  2. I am pretty lucky with a tolerant stomach. That said, I have worked hard this year to wean myself off too much dependence on gels, etc. during long runs so that my body can turn to fat for fuel. So far, so good!

  3. Knock on wood, my stomach seems to be fairly strong during runs and races. On my long runs, GU’s Vanilla Bean is my go-to, and before a triathlon, I always slam a GU Espresso Love; I really like that extra caffeine kick prior to a race.

  4. The only thing that ever slightly upset my stomach was Gatorade… and that was from an aid station during a half marthon… perhaps the place I got it was more significant that the drink itself… now that I have worked an aid station myself, and seen how things are handled.

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