This Week’s Featured Runner #9

Another awesome runner this week!  Not only does she have an adorable dog to share, but also some unique ways to get through a tough run.  In her spare time, she has been hard at work, rebuilding and promoting our local running club, The Wineglass Running Club.  Read on to hear more!

{I have a great lineup of runners who are ready to share their stories, goals, training plans, favorites, and much more.  I hope to introduce you to one of them each week.  If you are interested in becoming a featured runner, I would love to hear from you.  Email me:}

Meet Aubree!

When I’m not saving babies from speeding trains, I can be found working in the accounting department at a local credit union.  I’ve been doing it for 2 years and feel like I have finally found a job that doesn’t make me want to stab people…so really its win/win for everyone.

I have a 3 year old boxer/pitty mix who is practically my child. Who doesn’t love walking in the door and getting mauled by a 60 lb dog who can’t understand why you’re taking so long to get in the door so she can lick your face off.

Aubree’s dog, Zoe

Obviously a face only a mother could love. I just convinced a pretty awesome guy to spend the rest of his life with me on July 14th of this year, and I couldn’t be happier

What are your goals?  This can include why you started running, upcoming race plans, a distance you want to build up to or a pace you want to be able to hold, etc.  ANYTHING you want!  I ran cross country in high school but once I graduated pretty much quit all together. I just recently got back into it and ran my first marathon (The Wineglass) last year.  I wish I was more original in my goal, but I’m forever reaching for that holy grail of running; the BQ.  Realistically I’d like to see myself get down to a consistent 8:00/mi pace.  I’ve been known to run under an 8:00 mile when someone mentions the fact that there’s bacon at the finish line in addition to free clothes, but I’ve yet to apply this mentality to my every day runs.

What is your weekly mileage/mileage composition?(types of workouts you do or enjoy doing)  I just finished my second Wineglass Marathon (4:26 Woot Woot!) and am currently not following a training plan.  I’m just kind of going out there and running what feels good averaging 20 to 30 miles a week.  I try to mix it up and do speed work once a week.  Speedwork makes me grumpy but I’ve openly embraced it (Yasso 800’s) lately and have seen a definite improvement in my mile time, so I’ll continue to torture myself with that.

What are some of your race day rituals OR pre race day rituals?  If I had friends before, I probably won’t after this but I have to paint my nails the night before a big race a really bright obnoxious color, and match my underwear to it the day of the race.  The morning of a race I have to have a sugar free red bull or I feel like my whole world has tilted off it’s axis. *sigh* I know I’m weird. The night before a race I also eat a ton of pasta, I’m sure it’s all mental but something about all those delicious carbs dancing in my belly makes me feel like a champ.

What is your favorite race? (race name/location/distance), favorite race distance, or a race on your bucket list? OR include all three.  The Boilermaker 15k is (so far) my favorite race, I’ve done it for the past 3 years and missed it this year.  I love the mass of runners it brings and the energy from the spectators along the course is fantastical! That’s me in 2011 where I learned the hard lesson of making sure you stay hydrated in 93* heat. It’s also the last time I carried one of those handhelds with me, EVER.

Half marathons are my favorite race distance because I feel like I can actually compete at this distance without my body wishing bad things on me at the end like it did at the marathon.

What changes have you made that have most helped you to improve as a runner?  I love bacon and cheese and Jalapeno Jack Sun Chips with such intensity I think my husband is jealous.  It wasn’t until the fateful day I found a bag of aforementioned sun chips under the seat in my car, locked the door (and myself in it) and ate the ENTIRE package that I realized it was time to re-evaluate my diet.  Watching what I’m taking into my body has made a huge difference and *knock on wood* I haven’t gotten injured once this year. Also, begrudgingly I admit that speedwork has made quite the improvement in my running.

Aubree running the Seneca 7 Relay

What are your favorite snacks, products, gear, recipes?   I love Haribo gummy bears (the gold bags, and no there is no other kind I will eat) and could easily be lured into the back of someone’s van while out on a run with the promise of them.  Any and all types of running gels/nuggets/bars etc do not sit well with my stomach; at least until I discovered the power bar energy gel packets which slide down more like a juice instead of that awful pudding/road tar texture of other gels. I highly recommend them if you can’t stomach (pun intended) typical gels. My favorite pair of running shoes is the Saucony Kinvaras, why the bigwigs at Saucony keep ignoring my requests to be hooked up with a lifetime supply is beyond me.  I used to get absurdly painful shin splints and blisters when I ran. We’re talking if someone sneezes next door, the breeze made my shins hurt…until I met the Kinvaras.  They single handedly saved my running career and I’d marry them if I could.

What is your biggest accomplishment running-wise?  Finishing my first marathon was such a huge accomplishment for me.  I’m so hard on myself when it comes to running, constantly stressing over my slower times and the fact that I don’t have the “typical” build of a runner that sometimes I take the fun out of it for myself.  It wasn’t until I crossed that finish line after hitting the wall hard and pushing myself the grueling 26.2 miles that I realized running is what I love and even though my time was no BQ it was such a huge accomplishment that I should be proud of; no matter what the timer said.

What is your favorite activity you use to supplement your running?  I work full time and go to school so my time for cross training is very limited.  I enjoy spin class when I can fit it into my schedule but other than that, picking up after my husband keeps me pretty fit.

How do you get through a tough run?  I sing show tunes and count to 8 over and over. I have no idea why that works for me but it does. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that before I morphed into the beautiful butterfly I am today, I used to dance ballet/salsa/hip hop.  Moulin Rouge, Chicago, West Side Story, and Guys and Dolls are on constant repeat to 8 counts in my head.  Also, Lea Michele’s cover of “don’t rain on my parade” from Glee can be heard on full volume in moments of extreme exhaustion.

How about a random fact about yourself?  I’m a pretty random individual so that’s a pretty hard fact to come up with.  I’m obsessed with animal print, its borderline unhealthy according to everyone who knows me, but their just jealous. Probably.

My head is so full of song lyrics, movie quotes, and “that’s what she said”s that I have a hard time concentrating on everyday conversations. I wish my life was a musical and often pretend it is (I’m known to randomly burst into song often at the most inappropriate times) Miranda Lambert is my favorite singer and also best friend but she doesn’t know it yet, ironically her husband Blake Shelton is in love with me and doesn’t know it yet either…I swear people can be so clueless these days.

Feel free to also include any social media information that you belong to as well: (Twitter, Blog URL, Facebook, Daily Mile, Pinterest, Instagram)  I’m the Membership Coordinator/Newsletter Editor/Jack of all trades for the newly revamped Wineglass Running Club.  We’re re-building this club from the ground up and I would love to get more new members and have the club more involved in the local community (running and otherwise)

Check us out here:

And here:

Thank you Aubree!

  • Any questions or comments for Aubree?
  • Do you belong to a local running club such as the Wineglass Running Club?

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Featured Runner #9

  1. Wow, I just did my 2nd 15k and said I’d never do another—I just needed redemption on the 1st — funny how that’s the favorite distance! Good post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Is it wrong to have a girl crush on you and want to hang out with you to randomly break out in song and dance? I can be found singing and dancing on the treadmill at the gym, i don’t care laugh at me if you must but i’m awesome. 🙂 Congratulations on your second marathon and you should join our track groups for speed workouts, it helps having the others there to push and make it fun. I’ll bring bacon for afterwards if you help me paint my nails, i’m terrible at it.

  3. It is always great to hear what motivates other runners. I also love pre-race rituals (we all have them even if they are somewhat bizarre). Thanks for sharing these awesome runner profiles!

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