Question of the Week: Awards

{I decided that it would be fun and interesting to have a “Question of the Week.”  I will follow this up with another post consisting of the answers that I compile from everyone.  If you would like to contribute a question to use, I would love to give you the credit for it and shout out to your blog/twitter/facebook/etc.  E-mail me with question of the week ideas:}  

I also hope to have the question relate to an upcoming blog post that could be a giveaway, a review, or a completely random thought.

This week’s topic is:  Awards

Inspired by my “Award” from the #Cupcakeclassic 5k:  What has been your favorite race award?

Cupcake & Medal

I can’t wait to hear about all of the unique awards out there.  Comment away!


23 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Awards

  1. i havent done a race before, so i can’t say a favorite award from one, BUT my father hosts a hunting game dinner at my the archery shop my parents own every winter, and one of the raffle prizes he gives away are sacks of potatoes! ROFL!!!! ps. just wanted to say HI and im home from vaca! ive missed reading the last few days! ❤

  2. I’ve never gotten anything really unique beyond the usual medals, trophies, plaques, cash etc. Not that I’m complaining. I think I’ll go take a gander at my stuff and answer this on my blog!

  3. I have won a clock, paperweight, pair of socks, pint glass, and of course pie at the Pie and Glove classic. Last weekend I won a hat. I love getting stuff that I can use again!

  4. My most pricey and most used award was a pair of pedals for my bike – I also got cash and a jar of almond butter… talk about full arms on the podium!

  5. I’ve just gotten a finisher’s medal. But it has a removable charm that they could put on a necklace for you. I thought that was pretty neat. I wish races would not do t shirts all the time and instead do things like mugs or water bottles. Something people will use a lot.

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