Question of the Week Answered: Awards

What has been your favorite race award?

Foot necklace from the Seneca 7 Relay

The most popular responses were:  money, paperweights, pint glasses, and mugs.  Other responses included:  socks, bike pedals, finisher medals, a clock, beer, almond butter, and even a pie!

My Thoughts:  Sounds like some great awards for some well deserving athletes!

My husband and I thought about some unique awards we have won over the years as well.  He actually won a pair of shoes in college, but unfortunately, was unable to accept them because of NCAA rules.  Still counts as an awesome award though!  One award that I remember in particular was from a race I ran to raise money for the School for the Deaf in Tennessee.  I won a pack of greeting cards.  The designs on cards were made by the students at the school.  They were amazing.

Thanks for sharing everyone!


6 thoughts on “Question of the Week Answered: Awards

  1. Awh! I love the greeting card idea! What an awesome thing to receive! I think this was a great discussion question! Loved all the unique answers! Have a super Thursday, pretty!!

  2. You did the Seneca7?! I just graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in May, and I was on the Seneca7 planning committee! I ran the race too with “The Run-On Sentences” (a little Writing and Rhetoric play on words, lol). What a small world! 🙂

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