Runner’s World Half Marathon Expo!

When I first heard there was going to be a Runner’s World Event in Bethlehem, PA, I knew I had to sign up!  Not only would it be a whole weekend full of running festivities, but it was also being held in the area where my husband went to college.   What an incredible weekend it would be…

The Expo & Race Finish Area

The Expo was spread throughout SteelStacks Campus in Bethlehem, PA.  It was the absolute best setting for the Runner’s World weekend events.

ArtsQuest Center where the seminars were held

The day before the Half, we went to the Expo and were surrounded by SO many great people!  Look closely…you can see Shalane Flanagan standing at the information table!

This is me realizing Shalane is standing right near me when I walked into the tent. Ah!

I was REALLY excited to meet the #runchat guys at the #tweetup!  They were so friendly and pumped to be running the half the next day.  If you aren’t familiar with #runchat, it is a Q & A chat about running on Twitter twice a month.  Definitely worth participating in if you haven’t already!  I saw some fellow bloggers at the #tweetup, but was too nervous to say hello.

Hanging out with the #runchat guys!

We also met Ultra Runner, Dean Karnazes.  I tried to pickup strategies from him on how to build an “iron stomach.”  He just advised eating while on the run a lot.  Not knowing how awful my stomach was going to feel after the race, I should have tried his advice sooner!

“Long may you run together” -how he signed our book

One of the seminars, hosted by Bart Yasso, was Course Strategy for the Runner’s World Half Marathon.  It actually was very helpful hearing tips about what hills to watch out for me and where water/fuel stops would be.

Course Strategy Seminar

This is the area where we would finish the next day’s Half Marathon

Finish line under the flaming arch in the former Bethlehem Steel complex

We ate a pasta dinner with the Runner’s World Editors and then headed to our hotel for the night.  Great first day in Bethlehem and there was still more to come the next day!

  • Did you attend the Runner’s World Expo?
  • What did you like best about it?


10 thoughts on “Runner’s World Half Marathon Expo!

  1. Yes, I’ve been checking out all the tweets and blogs about this event and I wish I could have gone! I was running the Columbus Marathon (Half) on the same day! Looks like a blast an great opportunity to meet a lot of great people in our sport!

  2. Oh that sounds like a great time!! I’ve never been to bethlehem, Pa but I had a few girlfriends in college who lived there!! Hope you’re having a fabulous day!! Xxoo

  3. it was so much fun! I loved it! I can’t wait to read your race recap. Mile 4-5 were part of my college xc course (Monocacy Park) and the developement where the Running Skirt People were is where I had to hill sprints many times in college! I can’t wait for next years! I am hoping to do the hat trick next year!

  4. Thanks for the photos and your thoughts. Will surely have to give it more serious thought next year! Glad you had such a great time!

  5. I thought for a smallish expo, it was really nice. I got a pair of armwarmers from the Running Skirts booth and also a Brooks shirt from the Aardvark store booth. I am now regretting not stopping at the Alta booth as I’ve been reading many positive reviews about their shoes.

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