Fitness Friday #3 & Celebrations!

My workouts this week definitely looked a little different than they usually do.  Change in routine is good for us though…that’s how I’m looking at this week’s Fitness Friday anyway!


No run/workouts, spent the day at the RW Expo, and getting ready for the half marathon on Sunday.

Walking to the RW Expo

Ice Bath-Bart Yasso suggested trying this the night before the race and I went with it.  Best decision all weekend.  My legs felt wonderful during the race.


The RW Half Marathon!

Shalane autographed my medal!

+ the beginning of two days of the most awful sickness


No work, no play, in bed being sick all day


STILL sick!  I did get to start reading my new autographed Dean Karnazes book though!

Great book & sneaks!


Finally feeling a little better.  I went for a run with my favorite ladies….DA and Ericka!

We think it was around 2.5 miles, easy pace + a visit to get tea (our fav. stop together)

Not a picture from our workout together, but definitely a classic photo of all three of us!


Easy 4 miles with Brendan, 8:25 pace

Vega’s Pre Workout Energizer before my run


Going for a short run after work 4-5 miles…had to sleep-in a little today since turning 30 is going to take all of the energy I have.

Then… the birthday celebrations begin!  I’ll be saying goodbye to my 20’s and hello to the 30’s.

…Although, a few students guessed yesterday that I was going to be turning 42.  Ouch.

  • How were your workouts this week?
  • How do you celebrate turning a year older?


9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #3 & Celebrations!

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fun weekend! 🙂 I did a lot of swimming, running, and strength training this week, but I need to get back to biking–it’s been too long.

  2. I just celebrated my birthday by taking the day off. It was such a nice break from the norm. I highly recommend it. Have a great birthday!

    I’m looking forward to a Halloween costume 5k race this weekend.

    Happy running!

  3. Happy birthday! Congrats on your half, too… I was having so much fun reading the RW race recaps all week. 🙂 I read yours, and you ran a fantastic race for 21 days post marathon!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I love to take the day off from work, go for a 10-mile run, and go out to dinner for my birthdays! Have fun!!

  5. Happy birthday Jenelle! Great shot of the track, friends and treats. So glad you’re feeling better. My workouts were so-so. It took all week to get back into the groove after being gone for 5 days. It’s hard to believe RWHalf was a week ago.

    Have a great weekend!

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