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Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday

My first “Fitness Friday” I you want to join in on the fun, click HERE to read all about it. I love this quote describing Fitness Friday:  “It’s about sharing progress and successes. Not perfection.” I certainly do not reach “perfection” in all of my workouts, but I do look for progress and success over … Continue reading

My Magical Ability with Injuries

Have I mentioned that I have a magical ability to make tendonitis appear in my foot every 6 months?  For the past 2 years, every February and August, I have had to miss at least a week of good running because of tendonitis. If you don’t like feet, skip looking at the next photo. If … Continue reading

Workouts, Bondi, & a Challenge

I love how a good track workout always puts me in a tired, but good mood. I was a little iffy about how today’s workout would go…mostly due to to missing my afternoon nap today.  I’m beginning to wonder how I will ever make it through entire workday come the Fall without my afternoon nap! … Continue reading


I’ve run 18 miles or longer before, but for some reason it still feels GOOD to be able to say I ran 18 miles today!  I ran a really  successful 16 miles last Friday, so I was nervous about today’s run not going as well.  Last Friday was much cooler and overcast the whole time. … Continue reading

Trigger Point

I wanted to share a product that I can’t live without right now.  I have been using the Trigger Point Massage Ball to help with a tightness in my hip flexor area.  I tried Active Release Therapy (ART) for this tightness prior to my Spring marathon, but found it expensive and pretty painful.  I also … Continue reading